NW Safe LED Light Kit

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Type: 6-Wand Light Kit
$89.95 $129.95


Brighten up your safe's interior and valuables with the NW Safe light kit. Available in 6 wand lights, each LED gun safe lighting kit includes auto on/off motion sensor for convenience and 150 lumens of light output from each wand. With a self-adhesive backing and easy connection snaps, the LED wand light kits are simple to install. LED wand lights are installed on both the hinge and open sides of the safe.

    • 5-wand kit fits 60" tall models
    • 6-wand kit fits 66" tall models and higher
  • Franklin Series
  • Lincoln Series
  • Presidential Series
  • National Security Classic Select Series
  • National Security Classic Plus Series
  • National Security Magnum Series

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Safe Lighting

Why is gun safe lighting important?

Gun safes, by nature, are dark boxes. And finding things in the dark can be difficult. The last thing you want to do is fumble around with your firearms, precious metals, and valuables. That’s a little like wandering into an unknown cave during winter. It might turn out just fine. You also might wake a hibernating bear.

I’m looking for a Liberty gun safe light kit. Will yours work?

Most definitely. Our light kits are designed to work in a wide variety of safes, including Liberty gun safes. In fact, they come standard on several Liberty gun safes we sell. You can see the full list in the product description above.

How do you install lights in a gun safe?

Great question! We’ve been asked, “how do you install lights in a gun safe” so many times that we created a how-to video. Click here to view it.

Can NW Safe install my light kit for me?

We certainly can and often do. Our delivery and installation experts have installed hundreds of light kits and would be happy to help install yours.