Patty is the co-founder of NW Safe and tallest short lady in the office. (What can we say. She has an impressive collection of high heels.) As President and CEO, she plays a critical role in strategy and development. But this momma bear’s not afrid to wear multiple hats. She can also frequently be found managing the books and wrangling her grandchildren. (The company nursery is located just outside her office door.)


An expert shopper, Patty’s collection of handbags gives her swanky shoes a run for their money. And while yard work may be her archmenisis, she’s an expert boater. Being on the water is one of her favorite pastimes during the summer with her family.


Top Advice When Buying a Safe: Buy a safe that is bigger than you think you need.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Il Siciliano, 1118 Myrtle Ave, Enumclaw