We're giving this safe away to one of our community's heroes on the Police Force!

Nominate an Officer

May 9th - 21st

Leave a comment on one of the 2022 Police Week Facebook or Instagram posts. Be sure to add a story about why the officer is a hero. We’ll select one of the amazing women and men in blue to receive a free United We Stand Blue Strip Safe!

Back the Blue

Serving on the front lines day after day, the brave men and women of our police force risk their lives to protect our community. And for that, we’re humbled and grateful.

This month, cities and towns across the nation will celebrate, honor, and thank police officers for their service and sacrifice. This giveaway is just a small token of our gratitude. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing and celebrating the folks in blue!

Military & Police Officer Discounts

Year-round we support our police officers and military by offering an exclusive discount. If you are a police officer, member of any US military branch, firefighter or EMT, please call or visit us to inquire about our current specials.