Siphon Saver

Model Number: 2020FJB

Good old Uncle Joe has done it again! Gas prices higher than Hunter! Keep your gas tank secure with our all new product; The Siphone Saver is a state of the art lock that is easy to install but hard to break into!

Stay safe, lock it up!

Price:      $1,776

What Are the Best Safe Locks?

There are three types of gun safe locks: biometric locks, keypad locks, and mechanical locks.

When it comes to choosing the best safe locks, it’s typically a question of do you want the classic look and old school reliability of a mechanical lock or do you want the ease-of-use an electronic lock provides?

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Why Is My Gun Safe Handle Hard To Turn?

The most common reason a gun safe handle is hard to turn is that the safe has been overfilled. This causes items to push against the door’s locking bolts, disrupting its ability to open properly.


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My Electronic Lock Won’t Open

So, your electronic lock won’t open? Few things are more frustrating. Whether you’re putting away a new pistol, getting out your hunting rifle or need to access your extra cash, when you need to get into your safe, you need to get in.

Why won’t your safe open? Because not all batteries are created equal.

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