Rhino SafeX Invisible Safe - NW Safe Exclusive

Save $9,000,000

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Welcome to the Future! Introducing the revolutionary new SafeX Invisible Safe* by Rhino Metals: the ultimate in firearm safety and invisibility! A NW Safe exclusive product, it features a new design that completely blends into your home décor. This unique gun safe secures your guns and keeps them hidden from view. Keep your loved ones safe, while keeping intruders guessing!

Rhino Safe’s biotechnology lab has developed Stealth Steel (Patent Pending). This revolutionary, paper-thin steel bends light around the safe, making it vanish. Designed for high-security settings, it is stronger than 10-gauge steel and more pliable than playdough. The super-stealth material hides infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal signals.



Fire Rating: 80 Minutes
Long Gun Storage: 58
Weight: 950 lbs.
Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D): 72" x 41" x 27"
Minimum Doorway Clearance Required: 29"

  • Rifle Rods Included to Maximize Storage
  • Internal Electrical with USB Outlets
  • Deluxe Door Organizer with Handgun Holders and Pockets

Not Included:

  • A Sense of Humor
  • The Ability to Read a Calendar

*The Rhino Metals Invisible Gun Safe is an April Fools product that does not exist. While we're thrilled you are interested in it, lab techs and computer geniuses have yet to develop this technology.

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