Made in the USA

Colonial Series

Great Features - Better Value

Our Colonial line offers 50% more fire protection than competitor safes at the same price, and are packed with additional features, including:

  • 60 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 10 - ¼” thick locking bars

The Colonial models also include these features and accessories:

  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Economy-style interior door panel

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,399
Payments starting as low as $31.82 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 147 customers ratings and reviews

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Clean and courteous
written by Wood Worker 329 on January 27, 2019
This safe rocks! Well, made, well thought out interior, great added features from the dealer, fast, clean, and courteous dealer delivery and install. Couldn't have gone better and took the time to explain the combo lock programming. And this was before delivering another 7 safes that day.

written by Bjorn on January 22, 2019

Easy buy, Easy Install
written by I. B. A. Buyer on January 18, 2019
Beautiful Safe and it seems to be great. I will know more over time. I looked around for quite sometime and finally went with a friends recommendation and bought from NW Safe Company ( out of Enumclaw WA. I had them add a LED light package and a Bar Dehumidifier prior to delivery. A very professional group that is family owned. Delivery / Install guys knew what they were doing for sure. I would say they were done In about 45 min. A business transaction that did what they said they were going to do.

Buy once, cry once.
written by Thomas Paine on January 18, 2019
I was going to go for a cheaper safe, but I'm so glad I went for the Colonial 50! It's taller, deeper and wider than the one I was going to get, which will allow me to grow fully into it. It is built of a thicker gauge metal than the one I had been looking at, and having it drilled into concrete provides that much more piece of mind for me against thieves. Also, if there ever is a fire, the improved fire safety rating should keep everything inside safe from harm. It was more expensive than I was planning to spend when I first started looking for a safe, but I know I will sleep easier knowing everything is truly protected.

written by Ron C on January 16, 2019

As advertised
written by Loud on January 12, 2019
I purchased my safe at North West Safe. I had a couple general questions to affirm that the Liberty Colonial line was the way to go and it was. Everything about the product met my needs and wants. I adjusted one of the racks immediately and it was super easy, anyone could do it. I also got every upgrade I could on the safe; cant wait to get it stuffed.

written by Pete on December 29, 2018
The safe exceeded all my expectations. The customer service and product knowledge at NW Safe is exceptional. Will definitely go back for future purchases.

written by @gunfishun on December 26, 2018
Picked up a Liberty Colonial 50 bought it, not actually picked it up..Its like 1000 lbs for crying out loud. What can I say....It's big and pretty....I stuck every gun I had in it and still have room for twice as many thank gosh. I feel 100% better knowing that thing is bolted down in the Man Laboratory of Wonder and Wizardry. For those of you that are deciding on whether or not you need to have this massive safe, all I can say is that Its the best bang for the buck, and the son of a gun just looks freakin awesome with all your $#!t in it. Do yourself a favor. Build it, add to cart, and buy that thing..........amen.

Colonial 50
written by CalCustom on December 26, 2018
Good Quality safe, nice fit and finish, almost big enough!
18 months 0% interest made it happen.

Great safe
written by Carl on December 21, 2018
It is every thing I wanted in a safe the quality is exceptional

NW SAFES #1 for buying a safe!!
written by J rozul on December 21, 2018
I walked in looking to upgrade my safe and walked out with a behemoth of a safe. It's taller than I am. And heavy,and bolted down!!!

written by Mike on December 11, 2018
Quality safe with very helpful sales staff. Delivery folks were quick, friendly and professional.

great safe
written by asp on December 10, 2018
perfect, plenty of room!

Colonial 50
written by LTW on December 10, 2018
Excellent safe for the money. Great quality and made in the U.S.A.

written by weston on December 1, 2018

Liberty Colonial 50 - Just Right
written by Todd R on October 29, 2018
I want to thank you all, for having a wonderful reputation, informative and easy to navigate website, amazing, funny, polite and professional staff, for being knowledgeable and great to work with.

My entire experience, from deciding what I need, to seeing the actual inventory, to placing my order, to delivery and installation, were all fun, quick and painless. Each step in the process was made clear and easy to follow. I am very pleased with everyone I did business with. My safe is safe and secure, and almost too pretty to put anything in it.

You have a great product and crew and they are a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to many happy years keeping my possessions safe and secure.

Excellent fit and finish built here in the USA
written by David Williams on October 22, 2018
My key requirements for a safe were a long fire rating and breach security. After weeks of research the Colonial series was the winning combination for my needs. The local dealer Northwest Safe demistrated the quality and craftsmanship of the Liberty Safe Colonial Series that exceeded my expectations. After the safe was installed using the Liberty Safe Colonial 30 for a few months now I couldn't be happier with my choice. The quality, craftsmanship, fit, finish and flexibility of this American made safe is far above the competition.

written by Shaun on September 1, 2018

written by Ralph on June 25, 2018

Extremely pleased
written by Rick on June 18, 2018
Safe is just what we needed. Delivery was smooth, professional and the delivery men where very friendly. Fits perfect in our space.

Awesome safe
written by Jimmy g on April 24, 2018
Awesome safe, fair price, excellent service.

Great Price Great Size
written by George Ashley on April 2, 2018
Very satisfied and feel very secure with this safe. The size is perfect for our needs and has a higher fire rating which was a huge concern of ours having been through a house fire before and lost everything.

written by Ray on March 16, 2018

written by Chris on March 1, 2018

written by Coach Bert on February 16, 2018

Quality Product
written by M J & S J on January 12, 2018
We recently purchased a safe that we are thrilled with. My husband made the choice online-I wasn't part of the process of picking it out, but he made an excellent choice and I have a feeling that all the choices at Liberty are good ones. When looking at the receipt, I was pleasantly surprised that the safe didn't cost more for the quality craftsmanship that went into it and the fact that it was made in the USA.

We also had a great delivery experience. We had a narrowed window of availability on the scheduled day of delivery and they worked with that. The delivery team contacted us in plenty of time and arrived when they said they would. The team was polite, identified themselves, dressed well, spoke and communicated well, did a quick installation and walked us through the usage efficiently without rushing us. They were done well before I expected them to be done.

We are pleased with the space in the safe that we chose. The light bar is really nice to be able to see everything and the organization/shelves are very versatile. We're having fun moving things into their new safe home.

Father-In-Law knows Best!
written by Retired Gunney on December 30, 2017
My father in law said get a Liberty Safe and get one bigger than you think you need, it will get filled. I have to say that the Liberty Safe we bought is very secure and looks outstanding. NorthWest Safes did an outstanding job of installing it and I will recommend my father in law's advice to everyone I know.

written by Safe and Pro Gun Enthusiast. on December 8, 2017
Purchased the safe at NW Safe Company (Enumclaw WA). Their sales rep was knowledgeable and provided a great inventory to compare and choose. In addition, the delivery team did a great job to set up. I am pleased with the Liberty Colonial 50 safe and its operation. Definitely would recommend this safe and NW Safe Company.

written by Moose on December 4, 2017
Top Notch

Excellent product, excellent purchase experience
written by Sasquatch Scott on December 2, 2017
We had a particular spot where we could put a safe. This safe fit this location perfectly. The safe looks great, was easy to program, and easy to reconfigure to our preference. I highly recommend the light kit, as without it, the safe is very dark inside with the door open.

Colonial 50
written by Roger on November 25, 2017
Very happy with my new purchase, tons of room to grow into it so I better start now! MADE IN THE USA!

written by Jon on October 24, 2017

Its a safe!
written by just a dude on October 14, 2017
Good bang for my buck. American made.

Liberty Safe Colonial 23
written by Eric LF on October 11, 2017
I purchased this safe based on positive reviews and competitive price- safe has a hefty amount of steel at this price point and this was most important to me. Overall the finish quality is superb, including the shelving, carpeting, inside door pocket. The edges of the door and the door frame are very well done. A major decision point for me
is that this safe was manufactured here in the USA. One quibble, the chrome bezel on the S&G electronic lock arrived scratched. I am waiting for a factory rep to contact me
to see if the factory can swap out a replacement dial. Overall, it is obvious this safe was very carefully engineered and exhibits a very high build quality. Highly recommend!.

Great Liberty Safe For Home
written by Rental Man on September 28, 2017
We purchased a Liberty safe to secure our guns, ammo and personal papers. This is an excellent company and it was a pleasure to do business with them. Quality product, knowledgeable staff, and would recommend home installation. We are repeat customers and would encourage people to stop and see all of their products.

Fast and friendly service, excellent product!
written by Breanna on September 21, 2017
We purchased this safe for our home to hold valuables, guns and ammo because we have 3 young children. We liked the durability of the safe, the amount of items it holds. We bought from Northwest Safe because they are a local company.

A lot of security for little money
written by Brandon on September 11, 2017
Great safe, great price. Not much more I could ask for here.

written by Steelhead Slayer on September 4, 2017

written by Coz on September 2, 2017

written by Pete on August 17, 2017

written by Essie on July 12, 2017
very satisfied with this. This safe is just what I needed.

written by Mr. Nobody on June 25, 2017
You get what you pay for. Buy cheap, get junk. Although a bit on the pricier side, the quality built into the safe makes the price worth it. This piece of mind is priceless.

Good Protection
written by docuhlman on June 22, 2017
We wanted a safe place to store firearms and important papers in our house. This unit is just what we wanted.

written by AM Taroc on June 11, 2017

written by DEW on June 2, 2017

New Liberty Colonial Safe
written by TJHOFF on May 26, 2017
Very pleased to get this quality made in the U.S.A. product. The team from NW Safe in Enumclaw, Washington did a great job installing, and maneuvering through some tight spaces. I am glad I bought a bigger safe than initially planned.

Outstanding safe!
written by Empty Chamber on May 25, 2017
I couldn't recommend this safe enough. The quality and craftsmanship that has gone into this safe is evident in every detail. Very happy with this safe and would highly recommend anyone in the market for one to get one of these bad boys!

Liberty Safe
written by Kevin J Charap on May 14, 2017
Excellent across the board

written by HSS on May 6, 2017
The Colonial safe that I acquired was delivered and placed where I wanted it without any issues.
The delivery persons from NW Safe Company from Enumclaw, WA did a very good job.
The delivery persons setup the shelving and bolted down the safe.
They showed me how to change the combination and they set up the internal heater and recommended some items to keep in the safe, such as a dehumidifier to keep the humidity low. Which I shall acquire over time.
The electronic lock is easy to use and the door is very easy to move.
I feel safe placing my personal items in the safe. I do understand that nothing is not absolute 100% safe. This just providing me with 60 minutes of time against fire and from a grab and dash event which I hope never happens.

Great safe, even better service at NW Safe
written by Josh on April 26, 2017
Wanted to go with the larger FatBoy but it would not fit up my staircase. The salesman suggested the Colonial 30 and I am very satisfied with this safe. Lock is easy to use and sturdy, the look is very clean, and I am a lifelong Liberty customer going forward. I will be referring friends/family to them.

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.