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Fatboy Safe


Capable of holding a whopping 64 long guns, the Fatboy is one of the largest and toughest safes in America. Buy this gun safe and you'll get:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 12 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

Fatboys also include features and accessories like the following: 

  • 3-spoke SURETIGHT handle with SLIP-CLUTCH innovation
  • SecuRam BackLit e-lock
  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH Over-Center cam mechanism

Additionally, the Fatboy Extreme model also includes these features and accessories:

  • 6-in-1 Flex interior
  • 3 collector gun racks
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
  • 60 long gun capacity
  • SecuRam BackLit e-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 69 customers ratings and reviews

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Great safe
written by Average gun guy on January 9, 2019
Bought a Fatboy after safe shopping for over a year. Went to all of the big box stores and none of the safes really compared to size, price and functionality of this safe. Definitely pay the extra fee to get this heavy safe moved..glad I did. I added the led motion lights and the dehumidifier from LIberty. I should have bought the rifle rods so that I could store more rifles. The door pistol storage is high quality and ample. Fit and finish are good. No issues, no worries. The lifetime warranty sealed the deal for me. I wish it was 12" taller so I could store more ammo/accessories. Guess I'm just gonna have to buy another Liberty safe to fill up! Don't waste your time buying a safe from a "sporting goods" or hardware store (unless it's a Liberty).

Liberty Fatboy
written by The Dude on December 14, 2018
The Fatboy is an exceptional safe. Configurable interior with room to grow my collection. Glad I found NWSafes for their Black Friday sale. Would've hated to wait for another sale as good as this was!

written by JAY on May 14, 2018

written by Brett DePasquale on January 4, 2018
Great product

Pleased with my Fatboy-64 purchase
written by Reloader on December 5, 2017
Just had the Fatboy64 safe delivered and installed. Very pleased with the quality of the delivery team from Northwest safe. The Fatboy64 is a good balance of fire protection, size and weight for my family's need. The door panel had one slight flaw with some stitching ripping out in one of the elastic slots, but those slots don't seem like they would be particularly useful anyway.....and the stitching flaw just makes for one slot that is double-wide. I will be putting in my own after-market lighting as the battery powered LEDs are of minimal value. Overall, I'm very well pleased with my purchase.

Liberty Safe
written by Alan Brush on August 25, 2017
Love it...

Great Purchase
written by Jimj on August 1, 2017
Second Liberty Safe and could not be happier with it

Papa Joe's experience
written by Papa Joe on March 9, 2017
I have been looking at safes for a while comparing sizes and cost. As I am collecting more and more weapons I wanted a safe that would handle the growth of inventory and security. Reviewing the fat boy this covered my immediate needs and even my wife's needs as she was wanting to stow papers, jewelry and other items in there for safe keeping. The size of the fat boy accommodates both of our needs for the time being. Have nothing bad to comment on the FAT boy as I just received delivery of it. Looking forward to filling it up.

Great Safe
written by MShort on January 26, 2017
The Fatboy gave me the additional space I needed with a very flexible interior arrangement

Awesome safe
written by Dan on December 25, 2016
Awesome safe, awesome quality, awesome buying experience - highly recommend!!!

Great safe, great store
written by Porkchop on December 9, 2016
The Liberty Fatboy safe is perfect. I had settled on a Sports Afield safe I saw at Costco. Then I went to Northwest Safe and saw the construction of that safe vs the Liberty Safe, and I was sold. The Fatboy was bigger than my wife and I had originally figured on, but everyone said to buy the next bigger size, so the Fatboy seemed just right. It's not too imposing and doesn't take up too much room in my garage. It's very solid and well-built, functional, and priced right. We're very pleased with the purchase.

written by jack on November 6, 2016
love it

written by Bill on October 28, 2016

Perfect Solution
written by Bandit Six on June 26, 2016
I was looking for a safe that combined superb protection, large storage capacity, electrical connections for lighting and humidity, plus a very flexible interior. The Liberty Fatboy was by far the best combination for the price.

Liberty Fatboy 64
written by Vince on June 25, 2016
This is a wonderful product in every way! The functionality, fit and finish are really awesome! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you.

nice safe
written by Dp on June 19, 2016
Quality,size just what I was looking for

Flexible safe
written by Sammyscat on June 2, 2016
Our Fatboy arrived in pristine condition and with extra features we never expected but really appreciate: Lights, dehumidifier, electrical outlet, and large door accessory panel.
The dealer delivery service performed a professional set up and went through all the features with us then allowed us to practice the combination several times before they left.
This safe has so much room in it and combinations of how the shelves can move to fit our specific needs.

Great Safe!
written by Chris B on May 26, 2016
I purchased the Fatboy 64. It has a very versatile shelving system that is easy to rearrange. Impressed with the durability and quality of the safe. I like the extra fire protection it has on the door for paper documents.

written by Happy Buyer on May 20, 2016

Fatboy rocks
written by Tim on March 5, 2016
We love our fatboy plenty of room and room to grow into, we upgraded the lock and received a dehumidifier (highly recommend) put many of our valuables in it right away. It looks good and it gives a peace of mind the our important documents and items are safe and secure from just about anything.

Fatboy Safe
written by Richard Stittes on February 4, 2016
5 star

When it comes to my firearms safety, leave nothing to chance.
written by Doc Regidor on January 8, 2016
The Liberty Fat Boy safes is the only gun safes I'd ever put my investments in. I trust the quality, fire protection and the warranty. It's Liberty or nothing !!!

Just do it!
written by Happy Fat Boy Owners! on January 7, 2016
We are crazy happy with our purchase. Frankly we should have done this years ago but it's expensive and big! Don't let that stop you, the peace of mind is sooooo worth it.

Very Nice Safe
written by Drew S. on December 23, 2015
The Fatboy is a great, large safe. It is very nice on the interior and very adaptable to many changes. It is perfect for me, a young professional with a growing firearm collection. I use half of the safe now for important documents and the other half for my firearms. In the near future, I'm sure the firearms will take up the whole thing. Always buy a bigger safe than you need currently!!

Fatboy Fan
written by Scott H on November 24, 2015
If you're in the market for a safe, get a Liberty. Skip the Jr (which is a fantastic safe) and get the Fatboy. You'll be glad you got the bigger one.

Its a GREAT safe which has plenty of room to grow. Plus it has an amazing warranty.

Fatboy 64
written by Sherpaboy. on November 13, 2015
This is one heavy safe. I have hat for a week now and finally finished installing it. All is good so far. The Two pieces of advice that made sense to me were: buy a bigger safe than you think you need...and don't buy a cheap Chinese made safe.

Awesome Safe!
written by Troy G. on October 20, 2015
I looked at many models from many brands of safe and ultimately chose the Fatboy. After all of the safes I looked at, it was clear to me that the quality, design, finish, interior including the great storage pocket system on the door, could not be beat for my purposes and the price can't be beat either! I would recommend it to anyone.

Fatboy Safe
written by Dwarf on September 15, 2015
5 stars

Best for the money
written by TylerG. on August 19, 2015
Best safes for the money, great product great warranty, wouldn't recommend any other safe.

FATBOY = Most space and security for the money!!
written by wazzuwilson on August 13, 2015
The Fatboy safe, built on Liberty's Franklin mechanics and construction, is by far the more secure safe a person could buy for the money. The 75 minute fire rating far exceeds the closest competitor for the same price. This safe is perfect for a large gun collection or can easily be adapted to shelving on one side or both. At 995 lb, this thing is a beast! I would recommend this safe to anybody. Remember when buying a safe, figure out which size you need, then buy the next size bigger :)

Great Safe
written by Scott T. on May 22, 2015
A larger than average capacity safe that has one of the best lock and bolt systems available. I did a lot of research and this was the best buy for the money.

My Fatboy!
written by Michael on May 19, 2015
My extensive research and shopping led me to Liberty Safes. I had looked long and hard at safes from a big box store, in the final analysis, the only choice was Liberty Safe. The quality of the construction, the accessories and the customer service from the dealer and the shopping/purchase experiance made my choice simple.

The "Fatboy" has the size and features that will meet my needs for the foreseeable future.

The staff at Northwest Safe Co in Issaquah, WA made this process easy.

I will recommend this product and the vendor without reservation.

FatBoy 64
written by Dennis on March 25, 2015
Perfect, Professional, and USA made!

Fatboy Safe
written by J on March 12, 2015
Excellent safe so far. Purchased through NW Safe Co in Enumclaw Wa. Was able to maneuver into an extra bedroom/office with the help of 2 friends. Very sturdy, love the door panel. Would purchase again if this one fills up.

written by bends on February 8, 2015
I would highly recomemnd purchasing a liberty safe they were very professional and worked with me to get the safe that we wanted. The delivery guys were execellent smooth as silk thru all my antiques in my house allthe wayto setup. They did an excellent job highly recommend and would do agian if i need another safe. Thanks guys.

Fatboy lives up to it's name
written by ir0nfish on December 29, 2014
Perfect for above mid-entry safe. Not too expensive and fits what I need perfectly.

Liberty Fatboy safe = outstanding value
written by cdoniguian on December 18, 2014
I was considering the purchase of a Liberty Fatboy Jr. safe. However, after I compared it to the Liberty Fatboy, it was an easy decision to switch my purchase to the Liberty Fatboy. In my opinion, the combination of added security features, additional accessories/options and improved fire resistance, made my decision easy. I could have paid less for a smaller, less expensive safe, but for me the Liberty Fatboy gives me much more peace of mind, every time that I close the door and spin the lock. Thank you Liberty and Northwest Safe in Washington State!

Safe was delivered today
written by M J F on October 28, 2014
After browsing many websites and having few choices in which to actually see safes in my area, I selected NW Safes as they have a showroom in which to inspect a large selection of safes. The Fayboy Jr. was my first choice but upgraded to the Patriotic display on the Fatboy. Purchased safe on 9/23 but had to wait for delivery till 10/28 due to how far I live from NW Safe. Very pleased with the whole transaction. Will definitely recommend NW Safes to anyone looking for a safe.

AMAZING SAFE! Great customer service.
written by Brandon on September 25, 2014
Fatboy Safe - AMAZING SAFE! Great customer service.

written by Gallagher on September 24, 2014
Great safe to grow into if you know you'll be expanding a gun collection or need more room for storing important documents. Not too big and not too small, just the right size.

FATBOY safe's
written by somack on August 22, 2014
For the price and size, it is very good. My house is small. This safe sits wide as well as just the height I wanted. Also good for other things as well. For the money I feel I made a good investment and I must say, a safe is an investment.

Outgrew my last safe...have room now and for the future.
written by PCollier75 on July 22, 2014
I bought my first safe at a big box store (BBS) because I didn't know any better. My electronic lock requires the code to be entered at least twice before working and the fit and finish is not even close to that of Liberty Safes. I first heard about Liberty Safes from a certain fan website for black rifles, but the first time I saw one in person was at NW Safe. I could definitely see the difference in the fit and finish of the Liberty Safe over my BBS safe. Besides my faulty lock, other things about my BBS safe that lack the finish of my Fatboy safe include sharp interior edges that I've nearly cut myself on and a safe door that has scraped away the paint on the bottom frame edge. A few weeks ago my neighbor had NW Safe install a Phantom Tactical 48. I was impressed with the safe and liked the dimensions. As I was running out of safe to the point my long guns were intertwined with each other, I decided to purchase a large Liberty Safe. I decided on the Fatboy over the Franklin 50 and purchased it from NW Safe. The delivery team was extremely professional and I was amazed at how they navigated my steep lawn and installed the safe. They were truly the A-Team of safe installers. I would not hesitate in purchasing another Liberty Safe or recommending them to my friends.

Great safe
written by John s. on July 15, 2014
Great safe to buy, lots of room for all your toys. I hang a bow and multiple guns inside with plenty of space to grow. Easy install and a great way to protect your investments.

Cheap interior, DX-90 doesn't work on top bolts.
written by Jason McMillon on May 24, 2014
I purchased a Liberty Lincoln 35 series in 2004. I recently out grew that safe and thought to myself that Liberty is the only way to go. I looked online and went through what Liberty had to offer and decided on what I wanted based on the online pictures. That was a big mistake! Take the time and go into a store and look at the safes as the online pictures are misleading. I ordered my Fatboy 64 and eagerly awaited it's arrival. I was a little upset that delivery was made while I was at work and had to have a friend receive it for me. When I got home, I carefully unpackaged my safe and was a little unsatisfied with the exterior of the safe at the time. I was expecting to get one finish but received another. I got over that as the finish on my Lincoln is starting to deteriorate after 10 years and I have had to repaint sections of it. The new finish is supposed to be a much better quality than granite finish. When I got to the spin dial, I was again very unhappy with the feel of the dial. It is much flimsier than the one I have on my Lincoln. The icing on the cake was the interior of the safe. The upgraded valour interior of the safe is hideous. Quite frankly I would not know why anyone would want it. It looks like the material you would purchase at a grocery store to line your kitchen cupboards with. I looked through the store at some of their displays and see that the velour gets dirty quite easily and would be extremely hard to clean with the press-board shelves they are attached to. After speaking with the store I purchased my safe from they agreed to have the interior shelves and floor downgraded to the grey carpet. The same grey carpet I have had in my Lincoln since 2004 and still looks great. The bad thing is I now have to wait for a couple of weeks to get the new interior in the mail before I can use my safe for what I want to. A look at the DX-90 Monster Mech. I was impressed at the store when I was shown that pushing the bolts from the side of the safe would not retract them. This helps prevent someone from drilling a hole through the side of the safe and punching the bolts to have them retract. A great improvement over my Lincoln. Just hope they don't drill from the top of the safe and try it as the bolts will retract! Over all I am giving the safe a 4 out of 5 and only because of the interior. When it comes to protection and value, Liberty is still the only safe for me.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for the review Jason. I am glad to hear that your dealer is taking care of your interior. Typically folks prefer the pin-dot velor to the carpet that you are having installed...but we will certainly accomodate. I am not sure what you are refering to on the DX-90 not working with the top bolt? The bolts will not retract when the unit is locked. We have worked very hard to ensure that our safes provide excellent security. The DX-90 is a great mechanism and is extremely secure. So, I hope this clarificaiton helps. If you would like to test it yourself, just go ahead and open your door, extend the bolts and then lock the mechanism. You will see that the top bolts are secure and pushing them will not cause them to retract. Let us know if you have any additional questions.  

Great Safe!
written by Steven Martin on May 19, 2014
Love the Fatboy, go big or go home.

Just what we needed
written by Concerned on May 16, 2014
This safe is an excellent choice for those wanting to secure more than firearms. The size and features for the price provided the perfect combination (no pun intended) for what we were looking to obtain.

Awesome Safe
written by Ybhurtn on May 13, 2014
My safe was delivered today, right when I was told it would be. The two young men were very professional and proficient in setting it up very quickly, answering my questions, and getting me set up with the combination of my choice, etc.

The safe is very well made, and fit our needs exactly.

I would recommend this safe to anyone wanting to secure their valuables.

very satisfied customer
written by Tony S on March 24, 2014
Great safe. HUGE interior.

My Review
written by Satisfied safe buyer on March 21, 2014
Good safe. Installed professionally. Installers were polite, professional, quick and efficient.

The safe is awesome
written by Mark on March 14, 2014
Well worth the drive out to Enumclaw. Great staff and a super price.

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