National Classic 25 Gray Feathered
Made in the USA

National Classic PLUS

In a league of its own!

The National Classic Plus series offers outstanding fire protection and a huge array of security features, including:

  • 110 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 10-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 16 - ?” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The National Classic Plus models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewlery drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $3,499
Payments starting as low as $79.60 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 18 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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National Classic Plus Ratings and Reviews

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Average 5 out of 5 stars for 62 customers ratings and reviews

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written by Austin on January 26, 2019
Excellent safes, will always buy same level of safe. The attention to detail, the quality of product are impeccable.

A great safe
written by Mike Carter on January 15, 2019
Based on 44 years as a mechanical design engineer my evaluation of Liberty Safe is that they design and produce a great product for a very reasonable price. The materials and workmanship are well as their customer service

I would recommend Liberty Safe to anyone who asks me about my experience with Liberty Safe.

written by Eric on January 4, 2019
Awsome safe im pleased wife is pleased good purchase

Super secure and fantastic fire protection and shelving
written by Phreddy on August 27, 2018
I looked at quite a variety of safes, and having had a house fire in the past, fire protection was of high interest. This safe is decidedly better constructed than my 20 year old larger safe, and has thicker walls and a lot thicker door and larger locking lugs. The included shelving is superb and the idea of it having the electrical plug in for the lights and the included dehumidifier is great. Included door organizer is nice, and the small drawer is a nice touch. Bought this one with outside hinges that allows 180 ° door swing, and does not compromise fire protection as do internal hinge models. Didn't get the electronic lock as it cheapens the appearance and might possibly malfunction. My only criticism is on my high gloss brass, the numbers are a bit hard to see on the dial, but I can paint the marks easily.

written by tarafeline on August 4, 2018

Recommend to friends or family
written by Kevin on August 2, 2018
This is a good safe. NW Safe Company, inc. was very helpful. I've recommend them to my sister and brother-in-law and will recommend them to friends. I've learned a lot about safes in this shopping experience. The fire proof capabilities and anti theft design make it so i can store my valuables without worries.

Liberty National Classic Plus 40-Gun Excellent
written by Troy on July 19, 2018
Quality is outstanding for this safe. When I originally came in I had a budget of about $2500 but ended up working my way to the National Classic Plus 40 gun size because it had certain features such as the outlet plug, dehumidifier, lighting, etc. But the most important to me was the plate steel door for added security against unlawful entry of the safe. Paint quality and interior quality are excellent and everything is nice to touch. Overall I am very impressed with the safe and will recommend Liberty to friends and family.

Replacing old faithful
written by Happy hunter on July 3, 2018
I have owned a liberty non fire insulated safe for the last 26 years, and it was time for alittle more room and the addition of fire rating (insulation)

Worth the money
written by Yellow Devil on June 25, 2018
I bought this safe because of the construction, appearance, value, and reputation. I looked at other safes, but after doing the research, I decided on Liberty. There are a lot of safes out there that look "safe", but after looking at the construction, you would be wasting your money by not buying Liberty. VERY solid construction. The others had very cheap doors and felt cheap. Very solid investment.

Great purchase
written by No Hair Bear on June 4, 2018
An investment for a lifetime. Very pleased with quality, fit and finish. I am at ease knowing I bought a quality safe that will protect my assets from 99% of the threats against it. Made in the USA!

written by Barb Welcome on May 31, 2018

written by Barb Welcome on May 31, 2018

National Classic Plus 40
written by T. K. Keanini on May 18, 2018
Love the locks of our first safe ever. Northwest Safe company out of Enumclaw Washingtion made this the best buying/customer service experience since moving here three years ago! Can't speak enough about how professional the guys where when they came out to deliver our safe. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Great Safe
written by Jim in Gig Harbor on May 15, 2018
We purchased your Liberty Safe from Northwest Safe in Enumlcaw, WA We could not be more pleased. The quality of the safe is excellent and had all the features we were looking for. Karl Johnson of Northwest Safe was one of the best sales persons I have ever met. All in buying our Liberty Safe was a great experience.

Don Johnson
written by Don Johnson on May 14, 2018
Nice, high quality door, nice capacity- 2nd safe. Suggest buying larger if able to when shopping for safes. You eventually need the room!

Glad I finally took the leap.
written by Jim O. on May 7, 2018
Having considered buying a top notch safe for a couple of years I was blessed with buyer's delight when it was delivered. It feels good to know all guns and valuables are properly stored.

written by NIKJITSU on July 15, 2017

One of our best purchases!
written by A Veteran with a happy WIFE!! on June 26, 2017
The wife and I had been looking for a safe for about 4 months. A co-worker sent me to NW Safe Company. This was the best advice I could have gotten for purchasing a safe. We had been looking at Cabela's, Costco, Bass Pro Shop, and Sportsmen Warehouse. They did not have the service we were looking for or the quality. The wife wanted the highest fire rating. She wanted a minimum of 90 minutes, well she got 110 minutes, very happy wife. Our safe is the National Classic with digital lock. The safe alert system was also purchased. At some point my wife will have some of her grandfather's gun, some are antiques. This little add on is great. It lets you know how healthy the interior of the safe is for your fire arms. It lets me know when the door is open or closed, the temperature, humidity,movement and battery level. We just got our first weekly email with all her information. I highly recommend this little gem. Thank you Liberty for making my wife very happy with this purchase!

national classic 40
written by BOB on June 26, 2017
best safe I have ever owned. it even smells good like a new car.

Liberty Safe at last!
written by Bill W. on June 17, 2017
Finally sprang for a home/gun safe and was really impressed with the buying experience at my local store in Enumclaw Washington- Northwest Safe. I visited the store a couple different days narrowing down the sizes and options. I needed something to keep guns secure as well as a few household keepsakes and hard to replace documents. Jeff Snope was the salesman that helped me understand my security needs as well as how each safe could defeat theft attempts and buy time in a house fire. He was very knowledgeable about the products available and shared several stories of customers who had break-in attempts as well as asking me about my home and neighborhood to help me evaluate my purchase. The size was the easiest part as I had a location in my home picked out and wanted the largest safe to fit that spot. Once we narrowed the size down it was a matter of seeing what was available in my budget of about $3000. There were plenty of choices but I opted to put more towards the security features than towards appearance. In the end I went with a National Security series safe made by Liberty that had the steel plate door and heavier locking lugs as well as a fire rating in excess of an hour. The interior has a beautiful light gray cloth that looks great against the safes' black matte exterior. It came with lighting and a dehumidifier included and I added the electronic lock which works flawlessly and looks great. Even has a soft red LED so you can see the keypad in the dark. One thing I was concerned about was that my desired location for the safe was up two flights of stairs, but I supplied Jeff with some info about my home, and he was able to determine that his team could do the delivery. The scheduled delivery day was a work day for me so my wife was at home to receive it and she was really impressed with how systematic, precise and careful they were in getting it to its new home. I thought it would be a couple huge guys with a two wheeler like a moving company but she described something far more complex and done with absolute precision.The delivery team from Northwest Safe was Gary and Kalen,(hope I got the names right), and my wife said it was incredible how much care they took to safeguard our home from damage while getting this extremely heavy steel box up a staircase. They had special padding/clamps that protected our stair rail and door jams(I had removed two doors the day before to make their path easier, but the safe still had to go through the jams sideways to fit). they also had a device that she described as a powered dolly that while it was not fast, was certainly handy for carefully maneuvering such a heavy load. I would like to have been there to see it delivered and thank Kalen and Gary in person, but It was also nice to come home after a long day at the job to see my safe parked just where I wanted it without a scratch. My wife was already asleep at that hour and Ill have to admit that without having yet heard her story of the delivery process; I checked the walls and doorways expecting maybe a ding or scratch and could find none. These are true Professionals at what they do in every sense of the word. Thank You to Jeff, Gary and Kalen at Northwest Safe in sleepy little Enumclaw Washington! it was well worth the drive to visit your store and a truly pleasant experience all the way around. Thanks to Liberty Safe for this outstanding product and for making it in America. We need more companies like this. Ill be back to your store in the near future two buy an easy access pistol safe. Didn't have time to shop those on my last visit, but saw you had many to choose from. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer,

Awesome product
written by bassn on June 5, 2017
This is very good quality. It has very flexible features and organization.

Stunning addition to our Home
written by Eileen Wright on May 31, 2017
Our National Classic Safe is a stunning addition to our home. It looks great and gives us added security. We rest assured knowing that our investment will be protected by the lifetime warranty, and will remain in our family for generations. The professional delivery and set up was flawless. We are very satisfied owners!

written by BARKLEY on May 27, 2017


LNC 50
written by Craig on May 26, 2017
Great looking, functional, & easy to get into. We hope we never know how good it is in a fire, the rating is good. NW Safe had models that were less and the same as this on display that had been through fires. This model should be considered the baseline/minimum for fire protection if you can afford it. I would have liked to get buy another, just could not justify it, as the fire department response times are good in our area.

More like a piece of fine furniture
written by A-A-Ron on May 9, 2017
This safe looks more like a piece of fine furniture than a utilitarian gun storage can. The charcoal gloss finish with feathered edge is absolutely top notch. It's probably the nicest looking thing in the room. There is a minor defect in the logo, but it really blends into the script, so I'm OK with it. The locking action is smooth and confidence inspiring, kind of like a well cleaned firearm. My one gripe would be that the plastic dial that you have to turn to open the E-lock does feel a little cheap, but it still works just fine. And more importantly, the E-lock is really quick to get into...and I like that I can have a separate code than my wife. The lighting looks great and is well spread throughout the safe. The handgun storage in the door fit most of my pistols, but I did have some with long barrels or scopes that don't fit. I love the "cool-pockets" that give me a secure place to store my important paper documents (like house deed, vehicle titles, cash, etc). The ability to route an Ethernet cable into the safe was important to me as I can have my Network Attached Hard Drive (NAS) stored securely in my safe. Overall this was a purchase that I feel very good about. Initially I thought that the delivery fee was a little steep, but after watching the delivery guys haul this safe down my steps and into my house I also thought that was well worth the money.

Our only regret.....
written by M & R DoubleYou on March 23, 2017
Our one and only regret is that we didn't purchase our Liberty Safe sooner! Such a beautiful and well built product! It looks gorgeous in our office and does everything we had hoped for and more. The "Safelert" system is a GREAT bit of technology to add to an already amazing product! Getting an email and text whenever our safe is opened, tampered with, or moved/bumped is a great bit of comfort to have! The paint and finish of our safe is top notch and the interior is very high end. We doubt you'd find another safe on the market that could compete with our Liberty Safe.

Amazing craftsmanship!
written by nauticaunlimited on March 7, 2017
I have gone through 2 safe manufactures before I landed on a liberty. Most of that was ignorance and not doing my research. I had a Chinese made Winchester from a big brand store first. Within the first year the door mechanism froze up and it took a lock/safe smith 3 hours to try to get into it. We ended up drilling out the lock and it still didn't open which is how we discovered that it was the door linkage. The second time I bought a Browning safe.... What a mistake. I swapped out the Browning 3 times on warranty due to the paint blistering and rusting underneith the paint. I would never recommend anything other than a Liberty. From the moment I saw the safes lined up at NW Safe Co. I could instantly tell the difference in craftsmanship. The door is linkage is smooth and consistant when opening and not sloppy like my old ones. The paint was (and still is) immaculate. You can tell that there is better paint on the Liberty. The fire rating was better and you could tell exactly how the fire board was assembled because Liberty shows it on a sticker on the safe unlike competitors. Save yourself the time and hassle I have gone through and get a Liberty. You won't regret it!

Kalen's classic 40
written by Kalen Radford on March 1, 2017
I'm overwhelmed with the quality of this product. Liberty safe has done a amazing job on making this safe tough and appealing. Everything from the 3/8" plate door to the beautiful paint job. From top to bottom this is a amazing safe.

Jason C
written by Jason C. on January 30, 2017
Very well built and a great value. Many configurations to accommodate safe storage of many types of valuables.

written by Nate Ewing on January 30, 2017
Excellent product

Great Value!
written by Gold Psycho on January 11, 2017
Great safe at a great value! Find an installer you can trust as a correct installation is key to your safe working properly.

classic 25
written by Hotsaw on January 9, 2017
I really would have liked to have had the Magnum but for the price difference I felt the Classic provided most everything I wanted. I don't know why the fire rating is different between the two, didn't see a huge difference other than metal gauges.

Nice looking as well as well built
written by BS on December 10, 2016
Very nice safe, finished well enough to stand proudly in our rec room, not hidden behind something or built into a book shelf.

Beautiful Safe
written by Leigh on November 15, 2016
Beautiful safe, all I want to do is fill it up!

A safe of this quality is an investment
written by NWSCAPER on October 28, 2016
How important to you are the things you want to put in your safe? How important to you is not allowing anyone to have access to the things in your safe? Lastly, how important is it to you that your items in the safe are protected in the event of some kind of disaster? All three of these are very important to me, and that's why I chose this safe. It doesn't hurt that it's also a piece of art.

Great piece of mind!

Outstanding safe
written by lc_diesel on October 6, 2016
My son and I love this safe. I enjoy opening it and having the lights come on and the peace of mind knowing my firearms and valuables are safe. American made and the quality in each unit shows. I would recommend this safe to anyone looking for a lifetime safe, and the best part is the warranty passes to your immediate family too.

Great Product and professional dealer
written by satisfied customer on October 3, 2016

Great safe!
written by Brian on October 3, 2016
Just got my Liberty Safe! Better than expected delivery service took super care not to scratch my hardwood floors or walls... Safe has tons of room needed for all my needs and the 110 minute fire rate is a plus . Very satisfied and highly recommend a Liberty Safe to anyone that is in the market for an excellent safe

Smart choice.
written by Stand Up Girl on September 28, 2016
Only buying a safe once, so do it right the first time. After much research, this was the best choice for us. It was more money than we had planned on spending but the piece of mind and security will never be a question. And isn't that the whole reason behind the idea of buying a safe? We may never have a break in... We may never have a fire but if we did, the stress of that is greatly reduced by the Liberty Safe. Thank you for such a quality product.

Great company and great product
written by Crazy Kidd on September 22, 2016
Just had this safe installed, and so far extremely impressed. The craftsmanship and dedication to build quality is awesome. I purchased from and the combination of them and the Liberty brand does not disappoint. If you are in debate over a less expensive safe, remember you get what you pay for. I can see this safe being in my family for generations, most everything else i looked at I didn't feel that would be the case. I went with the feathered grey color, and I am not disappointed. The paint quality exceeds expectations, and reminds me of a fine piece of furniture one might buy.

written by Pete on September 7, 2016
Excellent product.

Awesome Safe!
written by Eric S. - Seattle, WA on September 6, 2016
So glad I went with the larger safe! Great qualiy, unbeatable warranty and made in the USA! Very happy about my purchase.

Piece of mind
written by Dave regal on August 31, 2016
I know that i have done everything i can do to secure my valuables from theft with the purchase of my new Liberty Safe.
Solidly built and backed by a warranty for replacement if damaged by fire or attempted break in this safe is well worth my money.

Outstanding Safe - Amazing Dealer Experience
written by Cle Elum Bound... on August 16, 2016
I can't recommend in Enumclaw, WA enough. Great selection on the floor and the team there is brilliant with important details. "Always buy one twice as big as you think you'll need" is what we kept hearing from Family, so we stepped up in a big way!

Not only is it large enough for the current collection but there is ample room to grow as well and store ammunition and critical supplies - throw in the fact that it's drop-dead gorgeous and I want to put it in my living room and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth just to admire my reflection in it. That the quality and workmanship is equally amazing and it just keeps getting better!

Important safety tip!!

Get your Safe delivered - Yes, it can be $400 or so depending on how complex your installation is but I want you to look at your Insurance card - pull it out of your wallet or purse, right now -- What is your Emergency Room Deductible? If it's equal or less remember that moving a 750 pound safe requires SKILLS and TOOLS to make it "Look easy" while also remaining a SAFE situation. Be Smart - have it delivered!

A Classy Classic!
written by Scott-Ravensdale Wa on August 9, 2016
I went with the National Security Classic because of the double inset door (not sure if that is actually what it is called) and 3/8" solid steel plate that is the outside of the door. Mine is the champagne two tone and it is absolutely beautiful, something you can put in your great room or other place to show it off! The amount of room, especially on the door, that I have for the other things that need protected (jewelry/paperwork) is very nice too!!
#madeintheUSA; #Libertysafes; #classyclassic

Rugged, Practical, and Beautiful addition to my home!
written by PointFourZero on June 18, 2016
I had been wanting to purchase a Liberty safe for a long time. No other brand offers this level of features, beauty, function, and value. I engaged Liberty's website shopping tool to determine which model would suit my needs and decided the "Lincoln" would get my initial attention. I then went to NW Safe of Enumclaw, WA for some firsthand knowledge but after a lengthy conversation with the salesperson, I ended up putting a deposit on the "National Classic". I felt the additional features and benefits were easily worth the small difference in price. Now that it has been professionally installed in my house, I don't regret my decision at all. It looks outstanding and and I now feel much better knowing that my belongings are finally secure. I am very pleased with this purchase!

Best Bang for your Buck Safe
written by John on June 17, 2016
If you are going to own a $5000 AR, why not spend at least that on a safe. I love my safe, its a sense of security that I can appreciate.

very good safe, !!!!!!!
written by hunter 61 on June 16, 2016
safe door is the best i have seen. the double fire protection is great, and the quality is the best. the first and last safe you will have to buy. all you have to do is open the door and you will be sold.

written by Cary on June 13, 2016
I am very pleased with this product and the service! I will be happy to recommend you to others. Five stars!

Glass guy
written by Peter gee on May 16, 2016
Excellent safe!, very happy with the product so far puts my mind at ease when we are away , knowing our guns and Valubles are safe and secure !

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