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Does My Business Need a Commercial Safe?


As a business owner, there’s a lot to worry about. Your brand’s image. Your customer’s experience. Your bottom line. But what about protecting your assets? TL and TRTL commercial safes provide businesses the maximum in security and protection for their assets.

While the security needs of businesses can range widely, one thing’s consistent — you don’t want your cash, valuables, and important documents falling into the wrong hands.

UL Listed Safes Offer Dependable Security Insurance Companies Recognize

Founded in 1984, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is an unbiased and independent third-party testing agency. It was founded to promote safe living and working environments, by providing dependable safety ratings for products. 

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UL tested its first safe for burglary resistance in 1923 and has since developed five commercial burglary ratings based indicating a safe’s security level:

  • TL-15
  • TL-30
  • TL-30x6
  • TRTL-30x6
  • TRTL-60x6

TL stands for ‘Tool Latency’, indicating the length of time it takes to create a six-inch hole using a tool. TR stands for ‘Torch Resistance’, indicating the length of time it takes to create a six-inch hole using a torch. 

Safes are initially tested by attacking the door. More extensive testing includes attacking the safe on all six sides, earning it a higher listing. The highest UL listing for a safe is a TRTL-60x6, which means the safe can withstand a tool and torch attack on all six sides for 60 minutes before a thief gains access to the contents.

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4 Reasons to Buy a UL Listed Business Safe

1. Keep Your Assets Safe from Theft

Protecting your assets is hands down the biggest reason to buy a UL listed business safe. This is especially true for businesses that handle large amounts of cash or small valuables, such as jewelry and precious metals. But, physical assets aren’t the only valuables a business may need to protect. Personal information and proprietary data can be equally, if not more valuable.

2. Protect Your Assets from Fire

Losing your cash and valuables to fire can be as damaging to your business as losing them to theft. This is why a fire resistant safe is so important. Each of the commercial safes we carry has at least a two hour fire rating. 

3. Lower Your Insurance Costs

Business insurance can be expensive, especially for small businesses. The more security your small business has, the less risk the insurance company is taking, and the lower your premiums may be.

4. Onsite Access

Rather than using a business safe, some business owners choose to store their valuables at a bank. This can pose some serious access problems, as you are limited to depositing and withdrawing your assets during bank hours. A high-security business safe lets you access your valuables when you need them.

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6 Businesses that Benefit from Commercial Safes

The following list is just a sampling of businesses that benefit from commercial safes (aka retail safes):

  1. Jewelry Stores — With jewelry store heists on the rise, it’s more important than ever to have a high-end commercial safe to protect your assets.
  2. Cannabis Dispensaries — Due to the high level of cash, cannabis dispensaries are a frequent target for theft. High-end commercial safes allow these businesses to protect their assets (cash and otherwise) from theft.
  3. Lawyers — Personal data is one of the highest commodities. We’ve worked with a variety of law firms to install commercial safes to protect their clients’ personal information.
  4. Tech Companies — Companies that are heavily invested in research and development need to keep their proprietary information confidential. We’ve worked with several businesses throughout the greater Seattle area to install safes that house servers and hard drives.
  5. Grocery Stores — While many shoppers have moved to credit cards, grocery stores still operate with a large amount of cash that needs to be securely stored. This is particularly true for larger warehouse retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Target. 
  6. Government Agencies — Several government agencies, like the Ferry System, have a large amount of cash and digital assets that need to be protected. 

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