We Buy Used Gun Safes

NW Safe’s Buy Back & Trade-In Program

If you would like to receive an estimate for the pickup and purchase of your used safe, please fill out the form below.

Selling My Safe FAQs

How much will I get for my safe?

This depends on the value of your safe, which we can only determine after we’ve seen the requested items in the submission form above. Yes, we need the pictures. These allow us to confirm the make and model of your safe, as well as its condition.

Can I get more for my safe if I sell it privately?

Possibly. Our team will be honest and straightforward if they think you can get more money selling your safe privately.

The thing to consider if you’re selling your safe privately is how the safe will be moved. Depending on the weight of your safe, moving it is no small feat — especially if you don’t have the right tools and expertise. Part of the value of your price is convenience. When we buy your safe back, we remove it and haul it away.

Will I get more for my used gun safe if I’m buying a new safe?

You’ll typically get a better bang-for-your-buck if you’re trading in your old safe for a new safe. Because it costs us less to remove your old safe when we deliver and install your new safe, we pass these savings on to you.

Will I get cash for my safe?

Possibly. However, if you’re selling your safe as an upgrade, we’ll use the value of your old safe to reduce (or eliminate) the cost of your delivery and installation.

How should I prepare my safe to be picked up?

Write down the combination and gather any paperwork that came with the safe. Please completely empty your safe before our team arrives. Additionally, the pathway to your safe should be free of any obstacles. And, we require all pets and small children to be secured safely out of the way.

I live outside of Washington. Will you still buy my safe?

Yes. We buy used gun safes in Oregon and used safes in Idaho. That being said, the further the safe is located from our safe and vault store in Enumclaw, Washington, the greater the expense for pick-up and removal. Generally speaking, customers who are selling their safes in these locations are buying a replacement safe.

Do I have to know the combination to sell my used gun safe?

In order to sell your safe, we require proof that you are the legal owner. Generally speaking, the legal owner has the combination. However, it’s not uncommon for a safe owner to discover they are unable to access their safe because they forgot their combination, their dial lock has drifted or their electronic lock has failed.

In instances such as these, our master safe technician can help you regain access to your safe upon proof of ownership. One of the easiest ways to provide this proof is by having your safe’s warranty registered.