Yes, You Do! Maintaining a healthy atmosphere for your guns and valuables is very important. By investing in a dehumidifier for as little as $30.00, you will keep rust and moisture from building up on your treasures. There are different sizes of dehumidifiers that are made for corresponding sizes of safes. Here is what we recommend: Dehumidifiers

The best way to handle moisture inside of your safe is to combine a dehumidifier and a desiccant. A dehumidifier will circulate warm air throughout your safe, while a desiccant will remove the moisture. Here is what we recommend: Desiccant Moisture Absorber

Mechanical dial locks are tried and true, and for the most part the work every time all the time, however there some case they fail. Dial locks will take slightly longer to operate and open vs. an electronic lock however the consensus amongst the industry that they’re more reliable long term vs. an electronic lock. Impaired vision or hand eye coordination will make operating a mechanical lock more difficult.

In most cases NO! Unlike your refrigerator or piano that puts direct pressure through single points, the weight of your safe is distributed evenly and spread out over your floor. We regularly deliver and install safes upwards of 1,500 lbs. into homes and even on second stories. Don’t talk yourself out of a safe due to weight concerns. Give us a call and we can discuss all available options.

Although it is not required or expected, feel free to TIP your delivery crew. They work very hard to make sure your safe is installed properly and safely.

Northwest Safe doesn’t keep your combination on file unless we’re asked by the customer. The manufacturer of your safe does however have a serial number on file associated with the combination on the lock that was installed at the factory. This is so we can contact the factory in the case you lose or forget your combination. You will be asked to provide several pieces of documentation and identification in order to receive a lost or forgotten combination.

We move hundreds of safes every year for previous and new customers. If you need a safe moved, fill out our safe move questionnaire here: Safe Move Questionnaire

Typically we use lathe and shim to keep your safe off the ground or floor. This is to allow for air flow and also to make sure your safe is perfectly level. Often times putting a mat or rug under your safe will cause more moisture issues than desired.

If you’ve run out of room in your current safe and need a bigger one, we can help! Take a few pictures of your current safe (Outside, Inside, Opening Edge of Door W/Stickers) along with any information you may have about your safe. (Make, Model, Dimensions, Weight) Send this information to and we will provide you with a fair market value for your safe.

If you prefer to pick up your safe at our shop, our warehouse team will overview your new safe with you and make sure you understand lock operation and answer any questions you might have. We typically lay safes on their back and roll them into your vehicle or trailer with pipe. Your safe will be wrapped in foam and in a cardboard box. If it’s raining, we’ll stretch wrap your safe to make sure it doesn’t get wet on the way home!

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