Collection: Fireproof Safes & The Fires in Washington State

Surviving a Fire

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the fires in Washington state and throughout the country. This page has been developed to provide insights and answer questions about how to protect your valuables in the event of a fire. Please contact us at (360) 825-5953 with any questions.

The West Coast has developed a definite fire season. Flames have consumed thousands of acres, decimating towns and forests alike. While California has taken the brunt of the burn, the fires in Washington state have caused a staggeringly high level of destruction.

Couple looks at the wreckage of their house after a fire burnt it to the ground.

Families and business owners have found themselves receiving evacuation orders with just minutes to spare. As these souls flee with nothing, the result is often heartbroken individuals desperately picking through rubble to no avail. Missing items often include, but are not limited to:

  • Precious heirlooms
  • Important documents
  • Firearms
  • Precious metals
  • Cash
  • Jewelry

Do Fireproof Safes Actually Work?

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as a fireproof safe. No safe can withstand a fire indefinitely. So while some big box stores will tout their ‘fireproof gun safes,’ remember those don’t exist.

That being said, not all safes are built equal. Some have a much higher — and more dependable — fire rating than others. If you want your valuables to have the best chance at withstanding the fires in Washington state, you want to look for a fire-resistant safe with the highest fire rating possible.

Liberty’s Presidential and Magnum line of gun safes offer a 2.5-hour fire rating.  

forest fire

How do Gun Safe Fire Ratings Work?

Generally speaking, gun safe fire ratings are based on how long a safe can withstand 1,200° F. This means, if a gun safe has a 75-minute fire rating, its locking mechanism and the contents should be able to withstand 1,200° F for 75 minutes without any damage.

The critical thing to remember about gun safe fire ratings is that they aren’t regulated. Manufacturers can claim any fire rating they want, without any testing. So, you don’t want to just accept a gun safe’s fire rating at face value. You want to consider the following two questions : 

1. Does this manufacturer test their safes?

The only way to really know if the model you’re buying will withstand a fire is to test it. This means placing it within a furnace at a designated heat, for a designated amount of time. 

In the case of Liberty gun safes, the answer is yes — they test their safes. And, they are very transparent about their results. 

2. Does this manufacturer offer a warranty for their fire rating?

A manufacturer’s warranty says volumes about their product. If they don’t believe in their product, it wouldn’t be financially beneficial for them to back it. In the case of Liberty gun safes, they do. This is why Liberty offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the DOOR MECHANISM (handle, locking bolts, internal workings of the door--NOT including the lock) of any safe exposed to fire.

How Big of a Fire-Resistant Safe do You Need?

Fire-resistant safes come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from a document safe (aka small fireproof safe or fireproof box) to a large 50-gun safe. The size of fire-resistant gun safe you need depends on how much stuff you want to protect.

For some individuals, it might be you just have some essential documents like passports, birth certificates, and tax records. 

Others may have a collection of long guns, heirlooms, and precious metal they want to make sure survives a fire. In cases such as this, a larger safe is typically a better bet. The biggest regret we hear from customers is they wish they’d bought a bigger safe.

What If Your Safe Doesn’t Withstand a Forest Fire?

If your safe doesn’t withstand a forest fire or a house fire, the first thing you should do is check your warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, they may replace or repair your safe. For example, Liberty’s warranty guarantees they will “repair or replace your safe and/or any parts needed, including the labor to fix it,” in the event of fire damage.  

Cash Burned? You Might be Able to Have it Replaced.

Paper ignites at roughly 480 degrees, so it needs more protection than other items. One step you can take in advance is to store paper and cash in a Cool Pocket or FireKing SureSeal box.
However, even with the utmost precautions, you could potentially have documents and cash that burn. Depending on the situation, you may be able to get your burnt cash fire replaced.
Submit a claim over to the U.S. Department of Treasury where Eric Walsh, assistant manager of the Mutilated Currency Division, will examine and reimburse you for your damaged stacks.

Does a Fire Resistant Safe Mean It’s Water-Resistant?

It depends. There are some fire-resistant safes that are also air-tight, like the FireKing SureSeal SS104. However, the typical large fire-resistant gun safe is not water-resistant. 

We always recommend protecting your valuables from moisture with a dehumidifier and/or a desiccant device. Learn how to avoid minimize moisture and avoid water damage. 

Can I Get a Safe Delivered While Active Fires Burn?

As long as your home is not within an evacuation zone and is accessible by truck, our professional delivery and installation team can deliver and install your gun safe. 

Top Fire-Resistant Safes

- SureSeal SS104 (1 Hour Fire Rated)

- SureSeal SS102 (30 Min. Fire Rated)


- Colonial 23 (60 Min. Fire Rated)

- Franklin 25 (75 Min. Fire Rated)

- BF6024 (2 Hour Fire Rated)


- Lincoln 50 (90 Min. Fire Rated)

- BF7250 (2 Hour Fire Rated)

- Magnum 50 (2.5 Hour Rated)


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