Vault Doors & Custom Vault Rooms

Whether you're looking for the best vault doors in the industry or help with the design, Construction and completion of a custom vault room our expert staff will help present the best decision for your needs.

Vault Room Construction

Safe & Vault Rooms can be constructed in a variety of ways with many different materials. The most common application is to pour concrete walls with a reinforced steel grid inside the concrete. 8” Walls are a typical thickness however you can pour thinner or thicker walls depending on what level of security and fire protection you’re wanting to achieve. We also offer modular concrete & steel panels that can be bolted & welded together for your security solution. Another common build design is to use layers of steel, plywood and fire board to create your safe or vault room. These different materials make it more difficult to cut through with the same type of blade. This application is popular for an existing room/closet that you would like to turn into a Safe or Vault room.

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Vault Room Design

Interior Vault & Safe Room design can be customized to your specific wants and needs. Firearm storage can be achieved in multiple fashions. From grid-wall systems to traditional gun libraries, we can help you with the complete lay out of your room. Custom cabinets, glass display cases, and electrical lay-out are all in our scope of work. We want to efficiently, maximize your space and provide you with recommendations based off your needs and our experience of designing rooms for three decades.

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