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How to Choose a Vault Door

When you’re shopping for a vault door, the most important thing to consider is the door’s primary purpose. Do you want to protect against fire? Are you creating a strong hold for firearms? Will the room serve as a panic room?

Vault doors come with different fire ratings and security features. Generally speaking, you want a vault door that’s at least ½-inch thick. That being said, the thicker the door, the more fire resistant it tends to be. For those worried about fire resistance, a thicker door with more fireboard offers a higher fire rating.

The door thickness and gauge of steel is also important for burglary protection and personal safety. And not to be overlooked are the locking bolts. These should extend into the door and the vault wall.

Vault Door FAQ

Can I Install a Vault Door in an Existing Doorway

Yes. A vault door can be added to an existing. In most instances, installing a vault door in an existing home requires some upgrades to the home’s structure, to create a vault room and the necessary wall structure to support the door.

Where Should My Vault Room Be Located?

Generally speaking, vault rooms are located on the ground floor of a home. In many instances, this is the basement. For those homes that are built into hillsides, placing the vault room against the hillside is a natural way to add an extra layer of protection.

Can You Install My Vault Door?

Yes. We offer full delivery and installation for vault doors. Vault doors are extremely heavy and difficult to move. Incorrectly installing them makes your vault room vulnerable. It can also cause your door to perform improperly and cause the door to be a dangerous hazard.

How Do I Know If a Vault Door Will Fit?

We’re happy to help! Give us a call at 888-404-7233. We’ll need the specs for your space and then our in-house design team can help you determine which vault doors will fit your vault room. Need help designing your vault room? We can do that too!