Gun Safe Accessories — Top Gun Safe Upgrades

Gun Safe Accessories — Top Gun Safe Upgrades


When it comes to buying a gun safe, you get what you pay for (for the most part). That’s why when folks ask “How big of a gun safe do I need?” we always recommend buying the biggest gun safe you can afford. That being said, there are some critical gun safe accessories that can help you upgrade your safe to make it more functional and protect your valuables. 

Top Gun Safe Accessories to Upgrade Your Storage

The following gun safe accessories can significantly improve the functionality and storage capacity of your safe. From lighting systems to dehumidifiers and beyond, these are the upgrades we utilize in our personal safes and recommend for all buyers. 

1. LED Lighting Systems

Think of using a refrigerator or freezer without an interior light. It’s a terrible experience. The same is true of a gun safe. Professionally installed LED light kits illuminate the interior of your safe to eliminate dark shadows, allowing you to see all your valuables. 

2. Dry Rod Dehumidifier

Moisture is the silent enemy of firearms and valuables. It causes rust and corrosion overtime. A Dry Rod Dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways to maintain an optimal humidity level. Placed on the floor of your gun safe, they create warm air. As the warm air naturally rises, it circulates the air and dries it. 

3. Integrated Power Outlet Kit

Generally, a factory gun safe arrives with shelving and not much else. Our top two gun safe accessory upgrades — an LED lighting system and a Dry Rod Dehumidifier — require power. With an Integrated Power Outlet Kit you can add the necessary electrical outlets to the back corner of your safe. 

Our Full Upgrade Package includes all three of these accessory upgrades, making it our most popular solution for those looking to maximize their safe’s usability. 

4. Lock Swap

Generally, when you buy a Costco gun safe, Tractor Supply gun safe, or gun safe from another big retail chain, the safes come with only one lock option. At NW Safe, all of the gun safes we sell have a “U.L. Magic Module” footprint. The Magic Module has been the industry standard for over half a century and allows our master gun safe technician to easily replace an electronic lock with a mechanical lock or vice versa. 

Why would you want to swap locks? Depending on your needs (how fast you want to be able to open your safe, whether or not you want to be battery reliant, etc.), you may want a different lock than comes standard on your gun safe. Discover the pros and cons of all three types of gun safe locks — mechanical lock, electronic lock, and biometric lock. 

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