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Gun Safe Prices Predicted to Keep Increasing


Like with many manufacturing industries, the gun safe industry is seeing a substantial spike in expenses — ultimately resulting in a price increase. At the retail level, our costs have already gone up — even for orders that we’d already placed with manufacturers. 

What Does This Mean if You Pre-Ordered a Safe?

Depending on where you pre-ordered your safe, it could mean your cost is going to increase too. This is not the case here at NW Safe. If you pre-ordered a safe from us, the price you were quoted is the price you will pay.

Does this mean we’ll be taking a hit and potentially lose money on the sale? Yes. But we believe this is the right thing to do.

Why Are Gun Safes More Expensive to Build?

Across the board, the cost of manufacturing and delivering gun safes have spiked, including the following areas:

Steel for building a gun safe

What Does This Mean for Future Gun Safe Purchases?

Gun safe being manufactured by Liberty Safe

Raising prices is never something we love to do. Unfortunately, our prices are dictated by manufacturers. The prediction is that materials and transportation will continue to rise. Within the next two or three months, we expect manufacturers to increase their prices yet again.

If you want to secure a new gun safe at the lowest possible price, the time to do so is now. We’re seen first-hand in the last year how volatile the country has become. But we’re committed to providing the same level of security and trustworthiness you’ve come to expect from our family-owned and operated small business.

As an essential business, our Enumclaw showroom and warehouse has and will remain open to serve you in-person as needed. You can also request personalized video tours and explore our extensive collection through our online store.

Thank you for your support throughout these trying times. We’re honored to serve you.

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