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High-End Jewelry, Watch & Gun Safe for Your Man Cave


Are you the kind of gent who’s not afraid to get dirt on your boots or callouses on your hands? We feel you. But we also know a little backcountry trekking doesn’t keep a fella from polishing up nice.    

For the gent who’s watch collection is as on point as his sidepiece, these high-end gun safe is for you. They make the ultimate addition to your man cave.

Custom Jewelry Safe Features

Custom Jewelry Safe Features

Custom-made to your specifications, our line of Nautilus Jewelry Safes can feature a variety of options, including: 

  • Sued-lined interiors
  • Fabric-lined interiors
  • Watch winders
  • Interior mounted mirrors
  • Necklace racks
  • Gun racks
  • LED interior lighting
  • Jewelry drawers

Jewelry & Watch Safe FAQ

Custom Jewelry Safe

Can My Watch Safe Hold My AR?

Yes. All our Nautilus Safes are designed by working directly with you to custom-configure your safe. This means it can hold everything from watches and jewelry to guns and ammunition and more! 

One of the most popular ways to incorporate gun storage into a jewelry safe is with a door organizer. These easy to use organizers can feature:

  • Storage Pockets
  • Pistol Pockets
  • Document Protectors
  • Clip Systems

I Have Family Heirlooms I Want to Keep Safe. Is This a Good Option?

Without a doubt. Because our Nautilus safes are built with 2 layers of steel and a solid steel plate door, they offer up to 2 hours of fire protection. This offers peace of mind that your family heirlooms will be safe from both only theft and common house fires. 

Dial Lock on a Gun Safe

What Kind of Lock Do Nautilus Jewlery Safes Use?

All of our luxury jewelry safes can be outfitted with electronic locks, biometric locks, and dial locks. Some customers prefer the easy-to-use aspect of an electronic lock, which can feature a simple 4 or 6 digit punch-in code. 

An even simpler system is the biometric lock, which allows you to open the safe with a fingerprint. Other customers have found that they prefer dial locks, as this classic lock system does not rely on batteries. 

Can I Change the Layout of My Safe?

Yes. You can always change the layout of your safe. Depending on your needs, this can be as simple as replacing your drawer inserts. We offer a variety of drawer inserts, including:

  • Watch Storage
  • Ring Storage
  • Ring and Earring Storage
  • A Mix of Ring and Earring Storage
  • Large Compartment Storage (for items like passports, bracelets and cash)

Other updates can be a little more time-intensive, such as installing additional watch winders. In some instances, these updates may require the safe to be picked up and re-installed in your home.

Do You Offer His & Her Jewelry Safes?

We sure do! Depending on your needs, this might mean designing your jewelry safe with sections for you and sections for your wife. We’ve also found that couples enjoy having their own customized safes. 

Before you make any purchase, we highly recommend discussing how many valuables you want to store. The most common regret we hear from customers is that they bought too small of a safe. After all, you want to make sure there’s room for those future presents. 

Contact us to explore your options. 

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