How to Properly Store Bulk Ammo & Guns in a Liberty Ammo Can Safe

How to Properly Store Bulk Ammo & Guns in a Liberty Ammo Can Safe


As the war between Russia and Ukraine wanes on, the U.S. ammunition Stockpiles have begun to dwindle, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal. A sharp rise in bulk personal defense weapons and bulk ammo has also been seen throughout the country. 

With individuals and families begin building their own private arsenals, proper storage is more important than ever. In this post we’ll cover how to properly store bulk ammo a Liberty Ammo Can Safe, the importance of properly storing ammunition and guns, and more. 

Ammo in a Liberty ammo Can

What is a Liberty Ammo Can Safe?

One of the most common ways we see gun owners store their extra ammo is in cardboard boxes on top of their safe. We can’t pretend we’ve never thrown a box or two of shells up top during hunting season. We’re human. 

But unfortunately, leaving ammo out in the open like that is the last way it should be stored. When you fail to store ammunition properly, it can easily corrode and become unusable. 

The Liberty Ammo Can Safe is one of the best ammo safes on the market. It is a secure, locked box that protects ammunition from theft and corrosion. 

The best ammo safes promote a healthy environment for ammunition, which mirrors how you should store precious metals, important documents, cash, and crucial hardware. This environment should be:

  • Cool
  • Dark
  • Dry

Learn more about ammo safes and where to buy ammo in bulk. 

The biggest dangers your ammunition faces are heat and moisture. This is why, in addition to utilizing a Liberty Ammo Can Safe, we always recommend:

  • Using a dehumidifier (and a backup) to eradicate any moisture that gets inside your safe
  • Properly leveling your Ammo Can to allow for air maximum airflow beneath your safe, helping to limit exess moisture
  • Securing your Ammo Can to the ground to ensure it can’t be tipped over and damaged

Top Dehumidifiers for a Liberty Ammo Can Safe

rusty ammunition

Dangers of Not Properly Storing Your Ammunition

In 2021, Forbes reported a surge in the cost of popular ammo, especially bulk 9mm ammo. While the massive price hikes have leveled some, we’ve continued to see a steady increase. It’s a trend that dealers are expecting to continue into 2023, according to ABC News.

Not properly storing your ammunition could put your investment in serious jeopardy.  

In the best-case scenario, corroded ammunition will simply not fire, leaving you unable to fire your gun. In the worst-case scenario, attempting to fire a corroded bullet could cause it to rupture or break, resulting in hot gases being shot back through the gun’s action and into the shooter’s eye. 

Either way, corrosion will render your ammunition unusable and your money wasted. 

Is the Moisture Level in Your Ammo Safe Optimal?

Utilizing a dehumidifier is best practice, but it doesn’t guarantee that moisture won’t still get inside your safe. To ensure your safe is a healthy environment for ammo and other valuable items, you want to regularly check the humidity level inside your safe using a hygrometer. 

A hygrometer is an instrument that measures the moisture levels in the air — allowing you to calculate the dewpoint. We recommend keeping your dewpoint as low as possible. Even a minimal amount of moisture can start the corrosion process. 

Learn more about the dangers of moisture inside your safe and how to minimize it.

EMP Resistant Locks

EMP Proof Gun Safe Locks & Ammo Safe Locks

Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) are short bursts of electromagnetic energy that can interfere, or damage, electronic equipment. In such instances, the electronic equipment in question can be rendered temporarily disabled or damaged beyond repair. 

EMP Proof Gun Safe Locks are designed to withstand an EMP blast, allowing the lock to keep functioning. 

Nuclear Attacks Are Just One Cause of an EMP

News outlets will talk about the dangers of an EMP in the event of a nuclear attack. While such events can certainly cause an EMP, there’s more than one way an EMP can occur, including:

  • Massive Solar Flares can lead to a naturally-occurring EMP
  • Cyberattacks 
  • Electromagnetic Interference Weapons can be used to intentionally target a select device or area with an EMP

What Does An EMP Mean for the United States?

Man-made EMPs can be used to expose or exploit a country’s vulnerabilities — causing power grids to shut down and key electronically managed infrastructures to fail. These vulnerabilities could also be exposed by naturally-occurring EMPs. 

Furthermore, any individual with an electronic device could find the devices in question inoperable. 

TOP EMP Proof Gun Safe Locks

In the case of EMP proof gun safe locks, users have two primary choices:

  • Mechanical Dial Lock
  • EMP-Resistant Gun Safe Lock

EMP Proof Gun Safe Lock: Mechanical Dial Lock

Mechanical dial locks are the only EMP proof gun safe lock on the market. Why? Because they don’t depend on anything electronic. They were invented pre-electricity. They have no batteries, electronic chips or intricate wires. 

EMP-Resistant Gun Safe Lock: Sargent & Greenleaf Locks

While a mechanical dial lock will ensure an EMP won’t threaten access to your gun safe on any level, these old-school locks aren’t for everyone. Many of us prefer the ease and quick access of an electronic lock. 

For those who want an electronic lock that’s built to withstand even a military-grade EMP attack, these are the top two brands:

  • SecureRAM Prologic
  • Sargent and Greenleaf 

These locks are designed to fit a standard footprint. This makes it easy for a skilled gun safe technician to install and retrofit most gun safes with these Group I high security rated locks. 

ammo and guns in a Liberty Can Ammo Safe

Can You Store Guns in a Liberty Ammo Can Safe?

Yes. You can store anything you want your Liberty Ammo Can Safe — assuming it fits. That being said, you can’t store all guns within a Liberty Ammo Can Safe. 

The Liberty Ammo Can Safe is designed with 3 integrated shelves. This design prevents long-gun storage but allows for handguns to be stored alongside ammunition. 

Liberty Ammo Can Safes Aren’t Intended for High-Value Items

As a rule of thumb, we recommend buying a safe that represents the value of the items being protected. A Liberty Ammo Can is an excellent solution for storing ammunition. However, it’s not designed to store higher-value items, such as:

  • Expensive Guns
  • Precious Metals
  • Large Sums of Cash
  • Essential Documents
  • Crucial Hardware

If you are storing items such as these, we recommend looking into high-end consumer gun safes and commercial-grade safes. 

Vault Rooms

Best Way to Store Guns in Bulk

The ultimate way to store a large gun collection (aka guns in bulk) is in a temperature and humidity-controlled vault room. An expertly designed gun vault room is essentially a supercharged gun safe. 

Fortified with a high-security vault door, a vault room gives you ample space to store guns and other high-value items. Depending on the space you have available, your vault room can be designed as large or as small as you want.

Learn more about Vault Doors and Vault Room Designs!

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