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Our Master Safe Technician helped a customer regain access to the contents of their Liberty safe after an unsuccessful robbery attempt. 

The Liberty Presidential 50 withstood an estimated 8-9 hours of attack from the would-be thief. While the customer was at work, the thief tried to smash, pry, and grind their way inside. A 6-foot digging bar, 24-inch pry bar, angle grinder, and mini sledgehammer were all used during the attempt — all of which were the customer’s own tools. 

Break in attempt

During the attack, the thief broke off the electronic lock keypad and 5-point ship’s wheel handle. They cut through the external 7 gauge steel using the angle grinder and pounded through the fireboard. But, they were unable to breach the internal 7 gauge steel. 

The safe was installed in a daylight basement and bolted to the floor. Bolting a safe to the floor is an extra security precaution. It prevents a thief from laying the safe on its back so they can use their body weight as leverage to pry the door open.

break in attempt

A Home Safe Designed to Stop Break-Ins

The Liberty Presidential 50 has a UL Residential Security Container (RSC) burglary classification. This classification was awarded by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an independent third-party testing organization founded in 1984.

It weighs an impressive 1,585 pounds and can hold up to 39 long guns. However, the Presidential 50 comes equipped with Liberty Safe’s patented 4-in-1 Flex adjustable interior, allowing you to customize your storage solutions. This makes it ideal for storing not just firearms, but other valuables and important documents.

break in attempt

break in attempt

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