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Where to Mount a ShotLock Shotgun Safe


The ShotLock 200M Solo-Vault is the best quick access shotgun safe — especially if a shotgun is your home defense weapon of choice.

Constructed out of 14-gauge, military-grade steel, these discrete safes can be mounted on any flat wall or surface.

For gun owners who want to ensure their firearm is close, secure, and ready to use when needed, these are the ideal solution. While you can mount this shotgun safe nearly anywhere, there are a few popular locations.

4 Popular Places to Mount a ShotLock 200M Solo-Vault

1. In Your Closet

Perhaps the most common place to install a ShotLock is within the master bedroom closet. This can offer a bit more discretion than by your bed, as you can place it in a corner behind clothes. 

One thing to consider when you’re mounting your solar shotgun safe in your closet is the proximity to your bathroom — and namely your shower. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your gun. If your closet regularly gets steamy, you may want to consider installing it somewhere else. 

2. In Your Hall Closet

As an alternative to the master bedroom closet, you might consider installing it in your hall closet. This can help you avoid exposing your shotgun to moisture. Furthermore, it can offer an even more discrete location in the event someone breaks in when you aren’t home.

The master bedroom is one of the first places thieves go looking for valuables. That’s typically where the most expensive small items, like jewelry and personal firearms, can be found. By installing your shotgun wall safe in the hall closet, your shotgun is less likely to even be found. 

ShotLock Beside a Window

3. Beside Your Bed

When a burglar breaks in during the middle of the night, you can’t say, “Excuse me,” while you run to find your home defense weapon. Keeping a locked and loaded shotgun close at hand allows you to quickly and easily defend yourself and your loved ones.

One of the best ways to discretely install a ShotLock near your bed is to place it behind a window curtain.

4. In the Kitchen Pantry

Shotgun shells and rice wouldn’t make a great main course. But, the pantry can offer a discreet location that’s often easy to access when you’re going about the business of living. 

How to Mount a ShotLock

Included with Your ShotLock

  • Shotgun Solo-Vault
  • Foam Bed Liners (2)
  • Adjustable Trigger Blocks (2)
  • Pump Ejection Port Hanger (1)
  • M5x14mm Trigger Block Mounting Screws (4)
  • #14 Flat Head Philips Vault Mounting Screws (4)
  • Override Keys (3)


  1. Pick a convenient place to mount your ShotLock.
  2. Find the stud on your wall.
  3. Level and drill holes.
  4. Lock it up by securely attaching the vault with the provided Vault Mounting Screws.

Installing a ShotLock

ShotLock Assembly for Semi-Outo & Over/Under Shotguns 

  1. Lay vault down either left or right opening, as preferred.
  2. Lay shotgun down inside vault with bolt, handle pointing up and position Trigger Guard Blocks snugly around trigger assembly.
  3. When action is closed, bolt handle should extend outside the vault through the door opening, and as close as possible to the top of the door.
  4. When action is open, handle will protrude through the hole in the door.
  5. Trace the positions of the Trigger Guard Blocks onto the Foam, then cut Foam Bed Liners to fit around Trigger Guard Blocks.*
  6. Using M5x14mm screws attach Trigger Guard Blocks to securely confine trigger assembly inside vault.
  7. Insert Foam Bed Liner.

* The second piece of foam is a backup.

ShotLock Assembly for Pump Shotguns 

  1. Lay vault down either left or right opening, as preferred.
  2. For right-handed shotguns, Pump Ejection Port Hanger will be mounted top right. For left-handed shotguns, Pump Ejection Port Hanger will be mounted top left.
  3. Trace the position of the Pump Ejection Port Hanger onto the Foam Bed Liner, then cut Foam Bed Liner to fit around Hanger.*
  4. Using M5x14mm screws attach Pump Ejection Port Hanger to inside of vault.
  5. Insert Foam Bed Liner.
  6. With action open, place ejection port over Pump Ejection Port Hanger.

* The second piece of foam is a backup.

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