David is the founder of NW Safe and the ‘wisest’ guy in the office, which is a fancy way of saying he knows a lot about safes and leaves the IG/SEO/Website nonsense to the young folk. A second-generation Enumclaw native, David started NW Safe in the back corner of his sign shop — a small garage on the Ballestrasse’s original homestead.

His despise for man buns is only rivaled by his love for leveled pictures. He believes in the Second Amendment, God, and good whiskey (though not in that order).

David’s best skill is building a family. The people-first culture he’s created at NW Safe makes it a company where co-workers are loved ones, whether or not they share the same last name.


Top Advice When Buying a Safe: Don’t buy too small.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Il Siciliano, 1118 Myrtle Ave, Enumclaw