David is the Vice President of NW Safe and the tallest guy in the office. In addition to educating customers and evaluating market trends, he is responsible for keeping the NW Safe family well-fed. It’s a feat that’s particularly impressive — given that aprons are rarely made for six-foot-five-inches giants.

Born and raised in the safe industry, David is an Enumclaw native. He’s a despiser of thieves (obviously), an expert in locks and vault doors, and takes humidity very seriously.

David knows firsthand that second-story safe installs are, indeed, possible. He believes cooking is an act of love and that the best memories are made around the dinner table.


Top Advice When Buying a Safe: Keep in mind that a quality safe will be an investment that your family can use for generations. 

Favorite Local Restaurant: Marzano 516 Garfield St S, Tacoma