Free Online I-1639 Class With Certification

Initiative 1639 requires you to take a firearms safety training course in order to purchase any semi-automatic rifle after July 1, 2019. Training requirement does not apply to other types of firearms. We have teamed up with Threat Resolution Science to offer a I-1639 Compliance online class. After the 60 minute class, you will receive a digital certificate of completion that you must show your local arms dealer in order to purchase semi-automatic rifles.

This is a free class. However, we encourage all to take the $29 class. If you choose the $29 class all funds will go to groups protecting our 2nd Amendment rights or lawsuits fighting restrictive firearms legislation.

Free Class

$29 Class

$64,864 Raised So Far!

Having trouble seeing your certificate? Follow these steps to download your certificate.

How Does I-1639 Affect Me?

In this video we explain what we think are the top 3 most important takeaways from the new law. This covers reclassification of semi-automatic rifles, safe storage laws, and training required in order to comply. if you would like to read what the entire law entails we provided a link below to help you understand.

Read more from the Attorney General of Washington

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