Gun Safe Maintenance Resources

I–1639 Compliance Class No Longer Available

In July of 2019, we began offering a free online class to offer I-1639 Compliance Class. We were honored to offer this service to our community. Unfortunately, as of April 2023, when Governor Inslee signed into law HB 1240, this class became unnecessary for Washington State residents. If the law is repealed or changed, we will actively pursue how to offer this service again.


Below are several helpful resources to utilize for home protection and security.

Helpful Gun Safe Maintenance & Protection Tips

Fire Protection

What’s the best fireproof safe? (Hint, they don’t exist.) Why do fire ratings matter? How should I store valuables to keep them as protected as possible? Get all of our top insights for protecting your valuables.

Gun Safe Maintenance

Gun safes are a lifetime investment. Regular maintenance helps ensure they keep opening and closing properly.

Storing Cash at Home

What’s the best way to keep cash protected and how much should you store at home? Get a full rundown of how to utilize an at-home safe to replace your deposit box.

Best Safes for Self-Defense Weapons

Quick access gun safes can help you be locked and ready to defend your loved ones when needed. Discover the best quick-access safes and where to install them.

How to Stop Mail Theft

Mail theft can cost you thousands of dollars (or even more if your identity gets stolen). Discover how high security mailboxes can help protect your mail.