Gun Safe Maintenance & Safety Resources

At NW Safe, we believe that a gun safe is a life-long investment. That’s why we not only carry a wide range of in-stock and ready-to-deliver gun safes, but staff experienced technicians to help you care for and maintain you safe.


Gun Safe Installation Tips

Safe Delivery Preparation & Pick-Up Tips

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How to Install NW Safe’s Gun Safe Light Kit

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How to Install a ShotLock Shotgun or AR Solo-Vault

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From quick access shotgun safes and handgun safes to fire-resistant steel safes, our showroom is home to the biggest selection of safes in Washington. We carry safes with dial locks and electronic locks. We carry gun safe accessories, including gun safe light kits, door panel organizers, and gun safe cloaks. Our brand selection ranges from Liberty gun safes and Superior gun safes to American Security gun safes and Vaultek safes.


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We also have a variety of gun safes for view on our showroom floor that we have personally tested and decided not to carry, like Stack-On gun safes. Additionally, unlike many of the big-box stores which will simply sell you a safe and drop it in front of your house, we offer ongoing maintenance and resources to help you ensure your safe lasts for generations to come.

Long story short — we’re gun safe experts. The following maintenance and safety resources will help you select and care for your gun safe. If you have any specific questions we haven’t yet addressed, please drop us a note and we’ll make sure to cover it.


Let us help. Call us or send us an email with any questions, our safe experts will be able to help!

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