Identify Your Safe

Lost in the maze of safe brands and models?

Fear not, we are here to assist you!

Remembering the brand and model of a safe can often prove to be a challenging task. With the multitude of options available in the market, it's no wonder that many individuals find themselves struggling to recall this specific information. However, it is crucial to know the brand and model as it's essential for various reasons, including maintenance, repair, or even discussing the safe's features and capabilities.

1. The Outside

The first way to find out the make and model of your safe would be to look at the front of the safe and see if you can find any markings or names.

1. Outside Continued

On the top corner of most safes you'll find a manufacture sticker that has the Serial number which can help us track down the safe in cobination with the safe manufacture.

2. Door Stickers

A second way to find what model you have would be to take a look at the door edge and see if your safe has a sticker that has a manufacture date and model number.  

How To Replace my Battery

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Changing Manual Locks to Electronic Keypad Safe Locks

It’s possible to replace an electric keypad with a manual lock in nearly all cases, or vice versa. This is because most high-quality and US made are typically outfitted with a “magic module” footprint for the lock unit.