As a lead on the delivery and install crew, Kalen has traversed steep hillsides with 1,500-pound safes. He’s hoisted safes up multiple flights of stairs, navigated them down twisting hallways, and bolted them inside hidden compartments.

Born and raised in Enumclaw, Kalen’s still calls the base of Mount Rainier home. While his colorful arm-art might make you think he’s a member of a bike gang, he’s has a soft side. Kalen’s as quick to laugh as he is to help.

An avid golfer and a wicked huntsman, he enjoys having a cold one with friends. Just don’t offer him pickles. He despised them almost as much as he hates Hillary Clinton.


Top Advice When Buying a Safe: Come in and see the safe you are wanting to purchase in person.

Favorite Local Restaurant: The Mint, 1608 Cole St, Enumclaw