LifePod 2.0 Trek Pack

LifePod 2.0 + TacticalBag for the ultimate set up.

LifePod 2.0 Accessories

TacticalBags, Organizers, Foam, and more.

Special Editions

Spartan, Sandstone, and Olive Drab

Full-Sized Portable Handgun Safe

The Vaultek LifePod 2.0 Fits up to a 9.25” Handgun

Featuring a rugged airtight seal and a built-in lock, the LifePod 2.0 is a special edition release that lets you maximize your storage options. Available in black and exclusive colors, each LifePod 2.0 comes with a lid organizer and pluck foam.


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Customized Portable Handgun Storage

The included pluck foam lets you create custom pockets for anything you need, including handguns, spare magazines, and camera accessories. Outfitted with a removable, interior tray, you can stack items for better organization. The tray can also be removed altogether for items that require more depth.

Furthermore, this upgraded LifePod has a built-in LED light to make finding your stuff a breeze no matter the time of day. The Lid Organizer has a mesh pocket; looped storage; and built-in slots for credit cards, passports, and other small documents.


Where Will Adventure Take You?

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Precision Engineered Locking Technology

Bringing its high-tech prowess to this upgraded portable handgun safe, the 2.0’s built-in locking system utilizes Vaultek’s precision-engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design. Utilizing both a touch-sensitive LED keypad and a manual lock, the 2.0 allows you to disable the manual key entry to prevent lock picking.

Water-Resistant Gun Safe

An inner rubber gasket and side compression latches seal the interior, allowing the LifePod 2.0 to be submersed 3-feet for up to 30 minutes. This heavy-duty seal keeps the interior protected from environmental factors, such as dust and moisture.  

Furthermore, it has been drop tested for high-impact protection to ensure Vaultek’s proprietary material delivers the superior strength to keep your valuables safe.


Lockable, Everyday Storage.

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Premier Travel-Friendly Handgun Vault

Like its slimmer sister, the Vaultek LifePod 2.0 meets TSA guidelines — giving you a travel-friendly handgun safe you can comfortably take it with you anywhere. Additional accessories have been developed to increase ease of carry, like the sleek Carry Handle. Made from an elastomeric flexible polymer, the handle can be quickly attached.

For those traveling further and deeper, the Tactical SlingBag is specially designed to store the 2.0. The SlingBag’s main compartment has both a quick access reverse pocket and slip front pocket for maximum convenience. The secondary storage pockets have looped storage for keeping spare mags and other small items organized.

The fabric is water repellent and the zippers are built with water-resistant zipper webbing to further protect your valuables from moisture, sand, dirt, and dust.