At least 2 days before your delivery date, we’ll call with a 2-hour delivery window. The day of delivery, we’ll call when en-route, at least 30-60 minutes before they arrive so there’s no need to sit at home all day.

If you don't hear from us two days prior; please call us to confirm your time window.


Please Let Us Handle the Install

Please have any vehicles, trailers, etc. moved from your driveway so our truck can safely back into place and have points of entry clear.

Our crew is very experienced. Unless otherwise noted, please do not attempt to help with the installation of your safe

For everyone’s safety, we require pets remain in a secure location out of the delivery path and children kept away from our working zone.


Once the install is complete, our delivery crew will review the operation of your safe with you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

If you selected an electronic keypad, please have a 6-digit code written down and our team will guide you through programming your code into your safe lock. (Our team does not need to see your combination.)

* Although it's not expected, feel free to TIP our Install professionals if they exceed your expectations! It's greatly appreciated.

Does My Safe Require Maintenance?

Like any piece of machinery, your gun safe requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. This is true no matter which high-quality safe you purchased. Some maintenance requires a little TLC, like lubricating bolts.

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The Pitfalls of Buying a Safe: Not Registering Your Warranty

Registering your warranty and adding family and friends to your invoice takes minimal time upfront and can save you lots of time in the long run.

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