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9 Ways to Convince Your Wife You Need a Gun Safe


Disclosure: NW Safe is not responsible for any marital ‘discussions’ that incur as a result of these tips. Though, we will take full credit for any happy endings — especially if they result in the purchase of a safe.

Is the queen of the castle snubbing her nose at the idea of a gun safe? You’re not alone fella. You’re not alone. Spouse disproval is one of the most common barriers we hear interested parties voice.  

We get it. Everyone has their priorities. And likely, a gun safe is one of yours. So to help you do a little persuading, we put together nine ways that we’ve seen work first hand. Because really, a gun safe is an essential fixture — wouldn’t you agree?

1. Play the Man Card

A lot of men try and be all sensitive and soft. And there’s something to be said for the “Yes dears” and “Your beautifuls.” Sure, it’s a magical thing to realize that doing the dishes can make your girl swoon.

But don’t be afraid to also play the man card. To tap into those vows. To remind her you’re honored to protect her. That your gun collection is an obligation to her safety and a gun safe is an essential piece of making sure the family is cared for.

mom and baby

2. Remind Her How Dangerous Curious Fingers Can Be

Have kids at home? You’ve struck the gun safe gold mine. Because the last thing she wants is her precious babies getting a wild hair and exploring your gun collection unattended.

3. Gift Her a Gun

Gifting your wife a gun has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is an excuse to buy another firearm. And once she has her ‘own’ gun, she’ll clearly need a place to store it.

4. Share the Facts

According to an analysis of violent crime and property crime released by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, Washington State is the 18th most dangerous state in the US. Violent crimes averaged 2.82 for every 1,000 people and property crime averaged 32.67 per every 1,000 people. Furthermore, of the Seattle crimes reported in 2019, 80% of them were burglary and larceny-theft

5. Barter

The give and take marriage method has been helping men acquire toys since the dawn of time. There’s no reason to stop using it now. Does your wife want something? Go ahead and barter with her — one thing for her and a gun safe for you.

baby on top of a gun safe

6. Hide Something Precious Inside (or on top)

Not afraid to pull the trigger without telling her? Well fella, you’ve got an impressive set. But go ahead and get yourself a little insurance plan. (Remember, there’s a reason ballplayers wear cups.) Pick out something nice for her too and hide it inside the safe.

7. Tell Her How Much $$ You’re Saving

Does your lady come home every now and then very proud of the deal she scored on a new ‘must have’ extravagance? Assuming you’re not quick to poo-poo her purchases, you can do the same thing. You can find killer deals in our Scratch N Dent section or give us a buzz to learn when our next special will be running.

8. Let Her Pick the Color

Remind her that looking nice is her domain, so invite her to pick the color. You’ll win brownie points for the compliment and help her feel involved in the process.

9. Talk About a Gun Safe. A Lot.

How does your wife show you something’s important to her? Does she talk about it all the time? The same tactic works in reverse. Start talking about pros and cons of different gun safes. Send her links to gun safes. Tell her about gun safe sales. Share the latest articles you’ve read about gun safes. By the time you finally ask her if you can get one, she’ll be as excited to say “yes” as you were about her new vacuum.

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Ivy Baker

My sister’s husband wants to get a better gun safe this Christmas. Thanks for pointing out that he might want to let her pick out the color of the safe. She is really big into interior design so that does seem like a good thing for him to do. http://www.pinnaclelock.com/Safes

Matt Smart

This Is Awesome! 👏 Good job to who wrote this article. Hit every bullet point we hear expect “have to go home to measure”. Haha 😂

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