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Bulk Ammo Storage Solutions


Whether you’re a “serious shooter” or a first-time gun owner, you will likely want to keep some extra ammunition on hand. This can be a great way to not only be prepared for the unexpected, but to take advantage of deals.

Why It’s Important to Properly Store Your Guns and Ammo

Many folks will invest in protecting their guns in a pry-resistant, fire-rated gun safe. But for whatever reason, they’ll simply stack their ammo on top of their safe. If you want to maximize the shelf life of your ammo, you want to take your ammo storage seriously.

Treat your ammunition stockpile like you would a precious metal. This means keeping your ammunition safe from theft and protecting it from moisture. Moisture, in particular, is often overlooked by gun owners. And yet, moisture is one of the most dangerous elements.

Ideal Ammo Storage Locations

As you consider where to store your surplus ammo, you want to think about the kind of environment it needs. The ideal environment for ammunition storage is:

  • Cool
  • Dry
  • Dark

More often than not, gun owners with bulk ammo keep it in the garage or basement. After all, are you really going to leave it in your living room? The problem with these common long term storage solutions is two-fold:

Avoid Exposing Ammo to Extreme Temperatures

Even steel expands and contracts as the temperature changes. This can eventually lead to your ammunition being weakened or neutered completely. And, no one wants to invest in ammunition that doesn’t fire.

Keep Excess Moisture from Corroding Your Ammo

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause your ammunition to rust and become corroded. This can warp your ammo and make it unsafe to shoot — effectively rendering your investment wasted.

In order to ensure your ammunition is stored properly, you never want to store your ammo in a place with mold or mildew. Furthermore, we always recommend using some sort of dehumidifier. Often this can be as simple as a rechargeable desiccant dehumidifier. Those who want to put in even less work can use desiccant packs that can simply be tossed and replaced, as needed.

Three Bulk Ammo Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing your ammunition, there are a wide variety of solutions. The following ammo storage ideas range from entry-level to serious collector.

1. Entry Level Ammo Storage Option: Ammo Can

Storing Amo

Typical safe shelves can easily buckle under the weight of a large supply of ammo. Built by Liberty, the Ammo Can features reinforced shelves that are built into the sidewalls of the safe. Each shelf can hold up to 150-pounds, helping you maximize your storage space.

The safe comes pre-drilled so it can be bolted to the floor. And, at just 270 pounds, you can buy and install this safe yourself.

2. Go-To Ammo Storage: FireKing Cabinets

FireKing storage cabinet

FireKing Cabinets are our go-to bulk ammo storage solution. With a 1-hour UL-Listed fire rating at 1,750 degrees, these ultra-sturdy cabinets can hold a massive amount of ammunition and keep it safe.

New, FireKing cabinets can run as much as $5,000. But, we purchase pre-owned cabinets from businesses that are moving or have closed and then refurbish them — meaning you get the same level of security at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, we can outfit them with a High-Security Medeco Key Lock. These locks are tougher to pick or bump-out, providing greater theft protection. Ranging from 600 - 1,000 pounds unfilled, these cabinets are substantial enough someone can’t just walk off with it.

Big Boy Ammo Storage: Eagle SBEO6

bulk ammo storage

The Eagle SBEO6 is built tougher than most gun safes. It’s designed for protecting high value paperwork and precious metals. With an extremely high fire rating, it features two layers of steel and 2-inches of concrete reinforced with steel mesh.

Furthermore, it’s outfitted with reinforced steel shelves that can handle the heavy weight of bulk ammo. At nearly 2,000-pounds empty (1,984 to be precise), this big boy ammo storage solution is going to be extremely hard for even the most ambitious thief to move.

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