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Best Business Safes for Jewelry Stores


TL and TLTR Safes offer the highest level of security and protection for jewelry stores, businesses handling large sums of cash, companies with high-value assets, and individuals with a large collection of valuables.

Jewelry Store Burglary On the Rise

A report released by the Jewelers’ Security Alliance revealed crimes against jewelers jumped 89.1% in 2019. In 2020, the Seattle area saw another surge in crime. Burglaries jumped by 35% — putting both personal and business assets at risk. 

What’s important to note is that the theft is not just smash and grab. Thieves are going after safes, in particular. The Jewelers' Security Alliance attributed the 2019 surge to a substantial increase in attacks on safes. 

Jewelry Store

Why Burglary Ratings Matter for Jewelry Store Safes

According to Statista, there are 19,800 jewelry stores in the United Sates — 761 of those stores are in Washington. On any given day, the average jewelry store has roughly $500,000 in inventory on site — which is a substantial chunk of change.

The burglary rating of a commercial safe refers specifically to the TL or TLTR rating awarded by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

UL is a third-party testing agency founded 1894. It provides unbiased, dependable safety ratings for products to promote safe living and working environments. UL tested its first safe for burglary resistance in 1923. Today, UL has five commercial safe burglary ratings. 

Highest-Rated Commercial Safes

Each progressive rating indicates an increased level of a safe’s security — aka its ability to withstand an attack. TRTL-60x6 safes are the highest-rated commercial safes. 

TL stands for ‘Tool Latency’, indicating the length of time it takes to create a six-inch hole using a tool. TR stands for ‘Torch Resistance’, indicating the length of time it takes to create a six-inch hole using a torch. 

A TRTL-60x6 safe is rated to withstand an attack of both tools and a torch for up to 60 minutes. This gives you the maximum length of time for police or a security team to be deployed and stop the thieves.

It is worth noting that the time frames listed by UL actually take much longer to complete. During testing, UL only counts the time a specialist is actively attacking a safe. Anytime they walk away to change a tool, swap out a drill, ect. the time stops. 

dial lock of a commercial safe

Are Commercial Safes Only for Jewelry Stores?

Commercial safes are not just for jewelry stores. These high-security safes are for any business or individual who has valuable items they need to secure. These items could include:

  • Important documents
  • Hard drives containing proprietary information
  • Large sums of cash
  • Precious metals
  • Jewels and gems
  • Firearms and ammunition

Are Commercial Safes Fireproof?

Fireproof safes don’t exist. There are no safes that can withstand a fire for an undetermined amount of time. Eventually, a fire will destroy any safe and the contents inside. Rather, most safes are sold with a fire rating — indicating how long it can withstand a fire of a specific temperature.

There’s a common misconception that a safe with a UL listing also has a UL fire rating. This is not accurate. UL fire rated safes are extremely rare. And, it’s rare a UL fire rating is needed to meet insurance requirements in most industries. (If you have questions about your specific requirements, please contact your insurance agency.) 

So do commercial safes provide any fire protection? Absolutely. In fact, most commercial safes are fire resistant for 2.5 hours.

Opening a commercial safe

Should You Install a Jewelry Store Safe Yourself?

There are some UL listed commercial safes that weigh less than 500 pounds. (We carry just one and it provides a meer .95 cubic square feet of storage.) Depending on your physical capability, moving a safe that’s 500 pounds or less may be an option.

That being said, we strongly recommend that you work with a professional delivery and installation crew whenever you are installing a safe — especially a commercial safe.

Professional Safe Delivery & Installation Crews Have Specialized Tools & Expertise

The average commercial safe weighs 2,777 pounds. (Our largest comes in at a whopping 6,150 pounds with an impressive 32.1 cubic square feet of storage.)

Moving safes of such magnitude without the proper tools and expertise poses some serious threats to your business:


The sheer weight of a commercial safe makes it difficult to move. Coupled with the awkward size and shape, even experienced professionals can slip and permanently injure themselves during a delivery and install. (In recent years, one of our professional counterparts made the minor error of incorrectly placing their hand on the side of a safe and it was crushed.)

Our professional delivery and installation crews go through extensive training and they utilize the industry’s leading tools. These tools include:

  • Slick Slides — A floor covering technique which allows us to protect the floor of your business from scratching and buckling as we slide your safe into place.
  • Stair Climber — a specially designed hydraulic dolly that allows us to hoist extremely heavy safes up and down steps, one step at a time. 


Thieves will take any number of measures to break into a safe, including dropping safes, knocking them over, and pushing them down a flight of stairs. By properly installing a safe, you can make it extremely difficult for a thief to move. A highly skilled, professional delivery and installation team will both level your safe and bolt it to the ground.


Founded in 1986, your delivery crews have more than 100 years of combined experience delivering and installing safes in homes and businesses. This means we can help you weigh the pros and cons of where to place your safe for maximum security and functionality.

Additionally, we’re skilled at finding creative ways to install safes in unique and hard-to-access locations. Winding staircase. Steep slopes. Multiple flights of stairs. We’ve done it all and more.

Most Popular Commercial Safes for Businesses

American Security (AMSEC) and Empire Safe are the top two commercial safe manufacturers in the world. We reached out to each and asked which of their commercial safes are the most popular. 

American Security AmVault TL-15

AM TLx15

American Security’s AmVault TL-15 line of commercial safes are UL-certified TL-15. This means the massive 6-inch door is rated to withstand a tool attack for 15 minutes. Proudly made in the USA, these safes also offer up to 120 minutes of fire protection.

Model No. CE2518 is the most popular from this line. It has a total weight of 1150 pounds and offers 4.2 cubic feet of storage. Measuring 32”x25”x25”, it’s a relatively small commercial safe, making it ideal for placing discreetly beneath a counter.

American Security AmVault TL-30

AM TLx30

American Security’s AmVault TL-30 line of commercial safes are UL-certified TL-30. The massive 6-inch door is outfitted with a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand a tool attack for up to 30 minutes. Made in America, these safes also offer up to 120 minutes of fire protection. 

Model No. CF6528 is the most popular from this line. It weighs 3,359 pounds empty and offers 21.1 cubic feet of storage. It can be made with an optional glass relocking mechanism (a high-security tempered glass). Additionally, this safe is available in the Gun Safe version, Model No. RF6528.

American Security AmVault TL-30x6

AM TL30x6

American Security’s AmVault TL-30x6 line of commercial safes has earned a TL-30x6 UL listing. Made in the USA, these high-security composite safes can withstand a tool attack on all six sides for up to 30 minutes. A 3-inch defense barrier and outer steel plates are further fortified with heavy-duty steel, high-strength concrete, and a high-density ceramic mix.  

Model No. CFX582820 and Model No. CFX703620 are the two most popular from this line. They offer impressive weights and storage space (3,418 pounds with 18.8 cubic feet and 4,578 pounds with 29.2 cubic feet). These safes are also available in the gun safe versions (Model No. RF582820X and Model No. RF703620X). 

ISM Super Treasury (TRTL-30x6) 

Super Treasury

Empire Safe’s ISM Super Treasury line of commercial safes have earned a TRTL-30x6 UL listing. Designed to resist sophisticated burglary attacks, they feature a one-piece Casting of Alchronite — a patented torch- and tool-resistant material. Inside the ultra-thick door, a tempered glass plate protects against drill attacks on the combination lock. 

Model No. ST552023 is the most popular from this line. It has a total weight of 3,815 pounds and offers 15.1 cubic feet of storage. Custom shelving can be added, allowing for up to 159 jewelry trays.

ISM Super Platinum (TRTL-60x6)

Super Platinum

Hands down, Empire Safe’s ISM Super Platinum line of commercial safes are the most secure safes in production today. The UL awarded them a TRTL-60x6 listing, the highest on the market. Utilizing Empire safe’s patented torch- and tool-resistant one-piece casting of Alchronite, the bodies of the safes are six inches thick. Plus, they’re reinforced with torch-resistant bars.

The elaborate bolt work and locking mechanism within the 8.26-inch thick door is further fortified with thick copper bars. 

Model No. SPL652916 is the most popular from this line. It has a total weight of 7,090 pounds and offers 16.9 cubic feet of storage. With custom shelving, this model allows for more than 186 jewelry trays to be stored within the safe. 

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