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Curbside vs. Full-Service Safe Delivery & Installation


Many big box stores only offer curbside delivery. In theory, this can seem like a really affordable option. After all, a few buddies, a case of beer, and a heavy-duty project is a great combination — right?

When you’re dealing with a safe that weighs a few hundred pounds, this may be the case. But the brass meets the brawn when it comes to maneuvering and installing a thousand+ pound steel box. Without the right skills and tools, it’s highly likely you’re going to find yourself scratching your head — whether you’re a big strapping man or a wife and mom (like me). 

What Does Curbside Safe Delivery Include?

Generally speaking, a professional delivery crew will use a nondescript vehicle. If your driveway is flat, free of any obstacles, and big enough to maneuver, the vehicle will pull up near your garage door or front door.

Your safe will then be unloaded in a big, unmarked box. At this point, you will have the option to uncover and inspect your safe before you sign for it and the delivery crew leaves. 

Installation crew reviewing safe with mom and daughter

It’s important to note that if your driveway does not meet these expectations, most curbside delivery crews from big box stores will leave your safe at the entrance to your driveway. Things that would prevent a curbside delivery from being delivered to your front door may include:

  • A steep driveway
  • A gravel driveway
  • Any obstacles, including rocks, overgrown bushes or branches that may make it difficult for the vehicle to pass
  • A driveway that’s long and narrow and doesn’t allow the vehicle to turn around

What Does Full-Service Gun Safe Installation Include?

Simply put, full-service gun safe installation includes everything. The only finger you lift is to sign for your safe and load it up. 

But because I’m a stickler for knowing just what I’m getting, let’s break it down:

1. A Discrete Truck & Professional, Polite Delivery Men

Discrete delivery truck

As much as I love my neighbors, I don’t need them knowing my business. (I also have a tiny human who I avoid exposing to suspect folks.) 

NW Safe’s delivery and installation crew drives a very discrete truck. (It has am abbreviated name and WADOT number on the side to meet the minimum requirements by Washington State Law.) The delivery crew is a  clean-cut, collard shirt, quick-to-smile bunch. And, they’re extremely easy to communicate with.

2. Help Deciding Where to Put Your Safe

It may be you’ve already measured the location and know precisely where you want your safe. Fabulous work. It may be you have an idea of where you want your safe, but aren’t 100% sure (like me). 

A professional delivery and installation crew has installed thousands of safes. They can help you determine the pros and cons of where to install it. In some instances, even shifting your safe a few inches in one direction or the next may give you more long-term flexibility. These are the kind of insights a skilled delivery crew can provide.

Installing a safe

3. Safely Moving Your Safe Into Place

Whether you’re doing a garage install (like me) or installing your safe in a second-story master bedroom closet, maneuvering a heavy, steel box is no easy feat. A professional safe installation team will use a variety of skills and tools to unload a move your safe.

Tools such as wrapping your safe in factory foam and a box to protect it during travel, door jamb protectors, slide sticks (aka slick slides), and specialty electric stair-climbing dollies all designed to protect customer floors and thresholds.

It’s also worth noting that delivery crew personnel receive hundreds of hours of training. The typical delivery expert at NW Safe has spent at least a full year as a secondary assistant before taking the lead on any delivery.

4. Confirm Your Safe is Where You Want It 

To ensure you’re happy with where your gun safe is installed, the crew will ask you to review where they have placed it. This gives you the chance to make any changes, should you need to.

Safe being installed

5. Level, Inspect & Bolt Your Safe Into Place

One of the most important things when you’re installing a safe is to make sure it is level. This plays several critical roles:

  • Protects your valuables by promoting proper air circulation and limiting moisture.
  • Protects you physically by ensuring the door has a proper swing and isn’t likely to tip over under the weight of the door while your safe is open.

Additionally, your safe can be bolted to the clement or wood floor where it’s installed. Bolting your safe into place is highly recommended. This anchor provides an extra level of security, as it:

  • Helps your safe stay level. 
  • Prevents thieves from tipping your safe in an attempt to pry it open.
  • Helps prevent your safe from tipping over accidentally.

6. Review How Your Safe Operates & Its Features with You

Opening a safe isn’t like opening your gym locker — especially if you have a dial lock. It takes a bit more know-how. Additionally, most higher-end safes come with a variety of configuration options.

Your professional delivery and installation crew should help you review how to open your safe and all of the unique configuration options. This includes reviewing any of the additional accessories that may have come with your safe like a dehumidifier rod or a door organizer.

7. Remove & Recycle All Packing Materials

Once your safe is properly installed, our delivery crew makes sure your home is as pristine as we found it. This includes removing and recycling all packing materials to make sure you don't have to deal with them.

Delivery & Installation FAQ

Where do you deliver and install safes?

We’ve delivered and installed safes throughout all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Our delivery crews are frequently delivering safes to Tacoma and JBLM. We often deliver and install safes in Spokane, where we’re one of the only crews that offer full-service safe delivery and installation.

My Safe’s in My Driveway. Can You Help?

Certainly. If you requested a curbside delivery from us or anyone else, we can assist you with moving your safe into place and installing it.

Will the Gun Safe Installation Crew Clean-Up?

A professional gun safe installation crew will always clean up after they are finished. This includes taking the pallet the pallet, box, and any other packing materials used during the gun safe delivery and installation process. 

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Prior to submitting an article to NW Safe, I was a customer. My husband and I purchased our safe the night before my baby was born and our safe was delivered just four days later on a freezing November morning. I was a sleep-deprived, crazed mom who had just finished feeding her babe when the delivery truck pulled up. Gary, the lead delivery technician, held my newborn so I could put on a jacket and see the safe. That’s how trustworthy and clean these guys are. Since then, NW Safe has handled moving, storing, and then re-installing our safe in our new home — 18 months later. I can’t say enough good things about these guys!

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