Top Champion Gun Safe - Superior Safes

Top Champion Gun Safe - Superior Safes


Since 1999, Champion gun safes have been 100% made in America. All materials are sourced in America. All manufacturing happens on American soil. When you buy a Champion Safe Co. safe, every dollar you spend stays in country, supporting our national economy. 

There’s nothing quite so grand as supporting ol’ Liberty — except perhaps buying one of the strongest gun safes on the market, priced at the best bang for your buck. And that’s exactly what Champion’s line of Superior Gun Safes is. 

What are Champion’s Superior Safe Company Safes?

Superior Safe Company is one of three lines of safes made by Champion Safe Co. Champion Safe Co. also makes the Champion Series and the Safe Guard Series. All three series are made in America, with American-made products. 

Loaded Champion Gun Safe

Why Buy a Superior Master Gun Safe?

When it comes to the best bang for your buck, Champion’s Superior Master Gun Safes offer the thickest gauge steel at the lowest price point. The high-quality construction features a body with:

  • 10-Gauge Steel Walls
  • 2-Inch Thick Composite Walls
  • Three Layers of Fine Insulation
  • Double-Steel Door Casement
  • Two Fire Seal

And these superior features don’t even take into consideration the maximum-security door. A thick double-step door features a 3/16-inch outer steel layer with a full 12-gauge inner steel plate. The door’s edge is reinforced with ¾-inch thick steel. And, it has three layers of fire insulation, which help contribute to the 90-minute fire rating. 

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Loaded Champion Gun Safe

What’s Included in a Superior Safe’s Lifetime Warranty?

Champion offers one of the gun safe industry’s most comprehensive warranties on their line of Superior Safes. The transferable warranty covers:

  • Materials and Workmanship for the Lifetime of the Safe
  • Painted Surface for the Lifetime of the Safe
  • Unlawful Break-In for the Lifetime of the Safe
  • Fire Coverage on the Homeowner’s Safe for the Lifetime of the Safe
  • Cost to Open and Remove a Damaged Safe Covered by the Warranty
  • Delivery and Installation of a replacement Safe (along with any associated freight costs)
  • 5 Year Warranty on Mechanical Locks & 2 Year Warranty on Electronic Locks

Extended Lock Warranty Available 

Superior Safes come with either a Sargent and Greenleaf dial lock or an electronic lock. An optional extended warranty can be purchased for Superior Safes — either a 10-year or a lifetime warranty. Certain conditions apply to ensure the lock remains under warranty, such as only having your lock serviced by a certified gun safe technician. 

Can You Change the Combination on a Champion Gun Safe?

Yes. It is possible to change the combination on a Champion gun safe. How involved this process is depends on the type of lock you have.

Owners who have a dial lock are not able to change the combination themselves. If you have a dial lock and have reason to believe your combination has been compromised, you will need to hire a reputable locksmith to change your combination for you.

If you have an electronic lock and would like to change the combination, you can follow three easy steps to change the combination:

  • With the door open, press “zero” on the keypad six times.
  • Enter the current six-digit combination once.
  • Enter a new six-digit combination twice. 

If you need to change the combination on your dial lock, need help changing the combination on your electronic lock, or need your lock serviced for any reason, our in-house master gun safe technician is available. 

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