Rhino Gun Safe — SafeX™ Security System

Rhino Gun Safe — SafeX™ Security System


A gun safe without bolts is a foreign concept. The traditional military-style locking bolts have been around for ages. But the newest Rhino Metals gun safe is revolutionizing the classic design with an innovative approach that does away with round or flat bolts.

Sound like a new-fangled hoop-deploy? In side-by-side tests of similarly priced safes with the same steel thickness, the new SafeX™ Security System was five times more pry-resistant.

What Makes the SafeX™ Security System So Secure?

Traditionally, gun safes have used round or flat locking bars that extend from the door and behind the door frame. (See the comparison pictured below.)

SafeX Door Comparison

The SafeX™ Security System's door has no bolts. Rather, it uses an innovative interlocking system that secures the door to the frame using thick steel locking plates. The safe’s body is constructed with wide flanged anchor studs. 

When the door is closed and locked, the studs protrude into the door and the door’s steel plate moves behind the rim of the anchor studs. This effectively knits the door into the body, creating a stronger “lock” system.

How SafeX™ Security System Provides More Storage Space

SafeX Gun Safe

The bolt design of a traditional gun safe door results in a thick door that protrudes into the interior when closed. Thanks to the SafeX™ Security System’s slim door design, it is nearly flush with the interior door frame of the safe — increasing the interior storage space of an equally sized safe. 

In some models, this new interior layout has increased the gun capacity by nearly 50%!

Additional Rhino Gun Safe Interior Features of Note

  • Top shelf cutout for long barrel guns
  • Padded gun rack
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Swing-out gun rack
  • Door organizer with 10 handgun pockets and 2 large pockets

SafeX™ Security System Improves Fire Resistance

Rhino gun safes with a SafeX™ Security System feature a special heat-activated fire seal that expands up to 8 times its thickness. The seal is mounted in the very slim gap between the door and the safe’s frame. Not only does this reduce heat and smoke from entering the safe, it reduces the space available for prying. 

SafeX Door

Additional Rhino Gun Safe Security Features 

It’s not just the new SafeX™ Security System that allows these babies to protect your valuables. Rhino gun safes offer a variety of additional security features, including:

  • UL Listed Electronic Lock
  • Hardened or Ball bearing Drill Plate (depending on the model)
  • Spring-Loaded Relocker

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