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COVID-19’s Impact on the Gun Safe Supply Chain


With restaurants closing and the call for social distancing increasing, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an increasingly bigger impact on the economy — and the supply chain. The following answers some of the key questions we’re hearing from customers about how COVID-19 is impacting the gun safe industry, what safes are available, and what you need to know about securing an American-made safe while supplies last.

What Gun Safes are Made in the USA?

Liberty Safe is the largest manufacturer in the United States. Homebased in Payson, Utah, their manufacturing plant produces American-made gun safes.

While you can find foreign-built gun safes at Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and other big-box stores, these imported safes may be harder to purchase in the coming weeks and months.

Liberty Safe Supplies May Also be Reduced

Due to the outbreak, the Liberty plant may be quarantined, which would result in a temporary supply shortage. Another concern that could disrupt the supply chain for Liberty safes is the few imported parts Liberty uses in the construction of their safes, such as locks, handles, and bearings.

To ensure we here at NW Safe can meet your needs, we have made several orders and have hundreds of safes in stock available for sale. Our entire collection of in-stock safes can be purchased in our store and online.

NW Safe's large supply of gun safes.

What Are the Best Gun Safes on the Market?

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the best gun safe. The top two are:

1. How is the Gun Safe Fire Rated?

A gun safe fire rating indicates the amount of time you can expect the contents inside the safe to survive a fire. Ratings typically range from 30 minutes to as much as 2.5 hours.

But it’s important to know that fire ratings are not regulated. This means that gun safe manufactures are responsible for assigning their own fire ratings, regardless of testing. Many imported gun safes have assigned fire ratings that far exceed those listed on American-made safes.

However, US-based gun manufacturers, like Liberty Safe, are known for conducting extensive and transparent testing. This allows you to trust their fire rating — giving you peace of mind.

2. What is the Gun Safe’s Pry Resistance?

Many safe manufacturers use round pins to lock their doors. Liberty Safe uses patented flat military style locking bars. Testing Liberty’s locking bars are six times stronger than other comparable safes with round pins.

This Liberty design utilizes bars that are longer and thicker than round pins — offering more surface contact and more security.

Furthermore, not all steel is created equal. Nor are all gun safes built equally as strong. When it comes to a high-quality, pry-resistant gun safe, you want to consider the gauge of the steel and the method of construction.

Liberty Safe’s most popular models use 11- to 12-gauge coiled steel that is pickled and oiled to protect it from rust during the shipping and manufacturing process. The steel is then roll-formed into a safe using a 2-piece body technique. Unlike 5-piece bodies or 3-piece bodies, this reduces the number of potential weak-points.

Furthermore, Liberty Safe uses precision robotic welding for all of its connection points. Unlike spot welding or stitch welding, which doesn’t span the entire length of a joint, Liberty’s continuous welds create the strongest possible gun safe.

Where Can You Buy Gun Safes in the Seattle Area Right Now?

There are a variety of places you can buy gun safes in the Pacific Northwest. You can find gun safes at Walmart and you can find gun safes at Bass Pro. In fact, you can find gun safes at a wide variety of large national chains.

But the vast majority of these big national chains sell imported safes. Not only will their supplies likely be limited due to a disruption in the supply chain, but safes for sale may not be of the quality you want.

Our family-owned and operated business located in Enumclaw has a large selection of American-made gun safes for sale.

NW Safe's deliver and installation team brings you safe into your home and bolts it down where you want it.

What Does Gun Safe Delivery and Installation Include?

We don’t just drop your safe on the curb, like many big-box stores. With our gun safe delivery and installation service, we bring your safe into your home and install it where you want it. We’ll take it up your stairs or down into your basement. And we’ll bolt it to the floor, where you want it.

We’re often asked whether gun safes can be stored in the garage? The answer is yes. They most definitely can and often are. We’ve also installed gun safes in closets, living rooms, and trophy rooms.

Explore our selection of available gun safes.

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