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Clean and Professional Gun Safe Delivery Service


“Do you offer gun safe delivery near me?” Whether someone is buying a safe at our Enumclaw showroom, online or over the phone, this is a common question we encounter.

The short answer is, most likely. We deliver safes to homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. This includes both the greater Seattle and Portland area. Many gun safe dealers only deliver within certain zip codes. And, most only offer curbside delivery.

Our clean and professional gun safe delivery crew arrives in an inconspicuous truck. They review the space where you would like the safe installed and the terrain to get there. And then they efficiently move your safe and bolt it into place.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Move a Gun Safe

We know that a gun safe is a long-term investment. We also know that welcoming anyone into your home — especially a delivery crew — can raise some questions. The following are some of the most common we encounter.

Delivery Truck

Can I Order My Safe Online and Have it Delivered?

Yes. We maintain an extensive selection of gun safes, handgun vaults, home safes and more in our warehouse. The majority of our selection can be viewed and purchased through our website. Once you’ve completed the online checkout process and requested delivery, we will contact you to confirm a date and delivery specifics.

Can My Gun Safe be Installed in My Garage?

Yes, your gun safe can be stored in the garage. However, whenever we install a gun safe in a garage, we recommend taking a few precautions. These include leveling the safe for proper door swing and creating an air gap underneath the safe to ensure it doesn’t trap moisture.

Will My Gun Safe be Perfect When it Arrives?

We unbox and inspect every safe before it leaves our warehouse to ensure it’s exactly as you ordered it. However, if you look closely there may be a small imperfection in the paint. Perfect paint jobs cost thousands of dollars and have no impact on how a safe functions.

What Time Will My Gun Safe Be Delivered?

Deliveries are typically between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Our team works hard to give you an accurate estimate of their arrival time. While this can be impacted by additional deliveries, we work hard to alert you of when we’re arriving and any changes that may occur.

Safely installing a safe and protecting your floors

What Will Happen to My Floor During the Installation Process?

There are two main concerns when moving a heavy safe: scratching the floor and putting too much stress in one place with excessive weight. NW Safe uses a specially designed track system to move safes across delicate floors, like tile and hardwood.

This system allows us to both disperse the weight and slide the safe to your desired location without it ever touching your floor.

How Much Does Gun Safe Delivery Cost?

In addition to the curbside delivery you’d experience when buying a gun safe from Walmart or Costco’s gun safe delivery program, we offer in-home gun safe delivery and installation. But rather than charge you by the number of stairs, we offer three flat rates for our gun safe delivery service:

  • Curbside Delivery (Your safe is left in its box and on a pallet on the curbside.)
  • Main Floor Install (Your safe is installed and delivered on the ground floor of your home. If there are flights of stairs or landings, you must choose Stair Install.)
  • Stair Install (Includes 1-2 flights. Landings must be large enough to accommodate safe and equipment.)

Can You Bring a Safe Up Stairs?

Yes. We can most definitely bring your safe up stairs or down. Our delivery team uses a stair climber machine, which allows us to manually move safes up and down steep terrain.

Taking a safe down is actually trickier than bringing it up. This is because the installation team needs to know how the weight will move as it encounters different terrain. To date, the longest continuous set of stairs we’ve tackled is 180 steps down.

Our installation experts have also taken 3,500-pound safes down dirt slopes, winding staircases and gravel paths.

Can You Install My Safe on the Second Story?

Yes. We can install a safe on the second story of your home. We’ve also installed safes on the third story. We’ve taken safes down steep hillsides to lake houses, brought them in on barges, and used cranes to slide them through windows.

Homes on a lake, it’s not level getting it to where they want to go. Going down a steep slope or an inordinate amount of stairs – 180 steps down – we’ve had to use barges and cranes to get safes into a position where we could install them.

Do I Have to Have My Gun Safe Delivered?

A large percentage of the safes we sell are 1,000-pounds or more. Most individuals are unfamiliar with moving something of this weight and/or don’t have the necessary tools to safely move a gun safe.

This is why in most cases we strongly encourage owners to have their safe delivered and installed. However, pick-up is always an option. We even have a helpful tutorial for how to load a safe into your pickup.

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