10 Reasons We Love the DS2i Smart Station

10 Reasons We Love the DS2i Smart Station


For a lot of us here at NW Safe, our gun safes are as much an heirloom piece of furniture as they are a secure storage space. But we also recognize the beauty of a small, discrete home safe — perfectly sized for keeping beside the bed (and not upsetting our wives’ décor schemes). So we were thrilled when Vaultek introduced their sleek and modern DS2i Smart Station. 

This revolutionary modern home safe is the perfect replacement for your bedside clock. The programable LED display shows the time, temperature, and humidity. Powered by both an AC power adaptor and a built-in battery, these small bedside safes can be opened with the built-in biometric scanner. 

There are a lot of reasons to love the DS2i Smart Station, but before we let ourselves wax poetic, we thought we’d narrow down the list to 10. Enjoy. 


Why Your Bedside Needs a DS2i Smart Station

1. Discrete Bedside Safe with Silent Slide Action

At the end of the day, a home defense weapon only protects you if you can get to it when you need it most. Asking an intruder to kindly pause while you open your safe isn’t going to help your cause. The DS2i bedside safe ensures you can access your handgun at a moment’s notice — without making any noise.

Yep! There are no swirling dials, beeping keypads, or noisy doors. The Smart Station’s auto-open safe drawer uses a twin rail system specially designed to open quickly and quietly. 

2. Promotes Child Gun Safety

Vaultek’s mission to create products that improve quality of life and contribute to the community has been a guiding principle for its design and innovation. Placing child gun safety at the forefront of its product development — they have created a line of products that provides quick access to firearms while preventing children from accessing them by accident. 

The DS2i Smart Station harnessed these same principles while adding additional everyday functionality. It’s a win-win kind of gun safe. 

3. Looks Right at Home (so your feminine partner won’t complain)

As the saying goes, ‘happy wife, happy life.’ And, we don’t know one gent who would disagree. We also know how frustrated our wives get when we mess with their décor. (That’s what man-caves are for, or so we’ve been told.)

Vaultek’s DS2i is a far cry from the clunky handgun safes you’ve encountered in the past. In fact, this baby doesn’t even look like a safe. It looks like a bedside clock that’s right at home on your nightstand. 

4. Vaultek’s Cutting Edge Bluetooth Technology

Who’s accessing your safe? What is the humidity and temperature inside? The power went out, how long will the backup battery last? (But don’t worry if it dies because each safe comes with a key backup.) 

Vaultek’s cutting-edge Bluetooth technology allows you to answer these questions (and more) from an app on your smartphone. 

DS2i Smart Station biometric quick access

5. Quick Access with a Built-in Biometric Scanner

In the heat of the moment, spinning a dial lock or punching a keypad can waste valuable seconds. (Not to mention all the times you might blank on what your combination actually is.) The DS2i is equipped with a built-in biometric scanner that can be coded for up to 20 unique fingerprints. 

6. Built-in Backup Battery

Power outages happen. Wind storms. Snow storms. Ice storms. Crazy people who attack power plants. There are any number of reasons you might lose power. And while plugging in your clock is nice, knowing that your handgun safe will open even if the lights are out is even better.

7. Two Mounting Options + Anti-Theft HD Steel Security Cable

The DS2i safe isn’t big. That’s part of what makes it discrete (and portable, see below). But that small size also means it would be relatively easy for a thief to walk away with. 

That’s why the smart station home safe is offered with two different mounting accessory styles and comes standard with an anti-theft HD steel security cable. 

8. Portable

As we said, the DS2i isn’t a massive handgun safe. In fact, it’s not much bigger than Vaultek’s LifePod. While not technically designed for travel, this safe could be packed into a suitcase for a road trip and installed in a hotel room using the security cable. 

DS2i Smart Station wireless charging pad

9. Wireless Charging & USB/USB-C Charging Ports

While we love a good backcountry trip unplugging as much as the next gent, we also know that our cell phones are part of life now. Not only does the DS1i offer a USB/USB-C charging port, but it’s also equipped with a wireless charging pad — allowing you to juice up your smartphone without even plugging it in. 

10. Low-Light Visibility 

Many a country music artist has built their reputation on the beauty of fumbling for ‘valuables’ in the dark. But that kind of fumbling foolishness has no place when it comes to guns. Vaultek’s design team eliminated this danger by outfitting the interior of their DS2i with an LED light that allows for visibility even in low light situations. 

DS2i Smart Station holds a full-size pistol up to 9 inches

DS2i Smart Station Safe FAQ

Does Vaultek’s DS2i Smart Station Fit a Full Size Pistol?

Yes, the DS2i can hold a full size pistol (up to 9”). It is also designed to hold additional clips, small amounts of ammunition, jewelry, small documents, and other personal belongings. 

Can You Overfill a DS2i?

Yes. Like any safe, you can try and put too much into your DS2i. In many instances, when you have overloaded the safe’s drawer, the safe will not close. However, there are times when you may have placed too much in the safe’s drawer but are able to manhandle it back in. 

The problem with overfilling the safe (and any safe) is that the contents can block the door and drawer from opening when you need it. As a rule of thumb, if the drawer does not close smoothly, it’s best to remove or reposition items.

Is Vaultek an American Company?

Yes, Vaultek is an American company. 

Would a DS2i Be a Good Safe for My Motorhome?

Thanks to the DS2i’s small size and multi-functional capabilities, it would make an excellent secure storage for a personal defense weapon and other small valuables in a motorhome.

Do We Have DS2i Smart Stations In-Stock?

We were one of very few retailers to get some of the first DS2i smart Stations from Vaultek, but they were so popular we sold out almost immediately. We have placed a new order with Vaultek. Click here to visit the DS2i product page and sign up for an email alert when they are back in stock. 

What is a Good DS2i Smart Station Safe Alternative?

We’re not going to lie — the DS2i is a revolutionary new home safe. There’s nothing like it on the market that combines Vaultek’s high-tech capabilities and a discrete, multi-functional design. That being said, Vaultek has designed several safes that can be discretely installed in your bedroom. These include: 

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