What to Know About Gun Safe Accessories

What to Know About Gun Safe Accessories


Gun safe accessories can enhance the functionality and organization of your gun safe. These accessories encompass a wide range of items, including adjustable shelving, dehumidifiers, lighting systems, and pistol racks. While you can’t increase the square footage of a gun safe, you can maximize it to take advantage of every square inch.

Adjustable shelving allows you to customize your safe's interior layout to accommodate various firearm sizes and accessories, promoting efficient use of space. Dehumidifiers help maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing rust and corrosion on firearms and valuables. 

Lighting systems provide visibility inside the safe, making it easier to locate and access firearms in low-light conditions. Pistol racks keep handguns neatly organized and easily accessible. Overall, gun safe accessories help you streamline your storage  — so you can store as many guns as possible.

Top Gun Safe Accessories for Organization

handgun hanger

Handgun Hanger - Under Shelf

Often, there’s wasted space between what’s on a shelf and a shelf above. under shelf handgun hangers allow you to utilize this space by suspending your handguns beneath the shelf. 

Handgun Hanger - Over/Under Shelf

Depending on how many handguns you may have, the under shelf handgun hangers may not be enough. Over/under shelf handgun hangers let you use that same space below, while neatly organizing the other half of your handgun collection above. 

Liberty’s Rifle Rods

Most large gun safes come with a traditional slot storage setup. This is a rather plush solution that allows gun owners to readily display prized firearms. Unfortunately, this display-style approach doesn’t allow you to maximize the interior space. Liberty’s Rifle Rods offer a space-savvy alternative. 

Each Liberty Rifle Rod is 16 inches long, accommodating long guns of varying heights. Utilizing these gun safe accessories can allow you to store up to 50% more gun than with a traditional rack. Worried about storing guns with scopes? Rifle Rods can be used to store guns with scopes, double-barrel firearms, and shorter AR-15s. 

Vaultek Universal Display Rack

The Vaultek gun safe accessory is one of our favorites. Fitting clearly on the top shelf of most gun safes, it allows for easy storage and organization of your handguns. 

Cool Pocket

Door Panel Storage

Door panel storage is a way to take advantage of that phantom space the exists between the edge of your shelves and the door. The livery door panels we carry come with simple-to-install mounting brackets specially designed to fit a Liberty gun safe. They can feature different storage solutions, like a Coolpocket, Quick Draw Holster, and zippered pockets. 

Mag Holder Magnet Kit

This Mag Hoder Magnet Kit is specially designed for AR-15s. It can quickly and easily be mounted on any mental surface — both inside and outside of your safe. Plus, the high-strength gun safe magnet is wrapped in a protective material so it won't scratch and mar the surface of your safe. 

Pistol Rack w/ Slide Out Drawer

Another space-saving pistol storage solution, we like this pistol rack with slide-out drawer because it allows us to keep extra hand gun accessories in a central location. 

Top Gun Safe Accessories for Preservation & Maintenance


Dry Rod Safe Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier rods are intended to be installed at the base of your safe. They create warm air, which then rises to the top of the safe. This creates constant air movement inside the safe, reducing the chance of moisture forming on surfaces. 

PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifier

PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifiers are the crème de la crème of hoisture prevention. They utilize the same principle as a dry rod dehumidifier, producing heat to gently raise the temperature inside the safe. But, they are installed in the back corner of your gun safe, which maximizes space. 

Desiccant Moisture Absorber

Unlike a dehumidifier that produces heat to keep humidity at bay, a desiccant moisture absorber absorbs moisture that gets into the air. Though little, these are a powerful solution to minimizing moisture levels in a gun face. They have the added bonus of not relying on electricity. The one thing to keep in mind is that they have to be periodically re-charged buy drying them out in an oven. 

Gun Safe Accessories for Lighting

Clearview LED Light Kit

This is our go-to light kit for large gun safes. It features 6 wand lights that are equipped with an auto on-off motion sensor. Each wand produces 150 lumens and a self-adhesive backing. Discover the difference these kits make and how to install them. 

Brightview Safe Light Kit

For smaller safes, a full 6-wand light kit may be overkill — or simply not fit. The Brightview Safe Light Kit comes with two easily mountable wand lights. These lights run off batteries, so they can be utilized without having a power source inside your safe.  

Gun Safe Accessory FAQs

Are Liberty Gun Safe Accessories Better Than Other Brands?

Not necessarily. However, in some instances, Liberty gun safe accessories are specifically designed to fit a Liberty gun safe. In instances such as this, a Liberty accessory may be superior to other brands, as it will fit better. 

Do Gun Safe Accessories Come with a New Gun Safe?

Some of the safes we sell come with gun safe accessories like door panels, light kits, and/or dehumidifiers. But not all of them do. A light kit is one of the most popular upgrades we offer, as it allows you to easily see inside your safe. 

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