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How to Move a Gun Safe


Published February 17, 2021. Updated February 21, 2022.

Moving’s a pain in the butt. Moving a gun safe is just darn ridiculous, especially when it weighs 2,000-ish pounds.

A gun safe isn’t something the average Jack or Jill can just muscle into a moving van. In fact, moving a gun safe without the proper tools and expertise can be extremely dangerous. Just imagine dropping a gun safe on your foot or pinching your hand between it and a door. The injury would be severe, to say the least.

How to Move a 1,000 lb Gun Safe Down a Flight of Stairs

We get a lot of questions about removing gun safes installed on the second story. Specifically, folks want to know how we deal with taking a safe down stairs where there is a landing, with a tight turn.

Safely maneuvering a turn like this, without substantial risk of injury, becomes even trickier the heavier the safe. 

In addition to our specially designed “stair climber,” we use a heavy-duty landing extension. This allows us to create a bigger, sturdy surface space to adjust the safe and stair climber so we can make the turn and finish the move without damaging the walls or floor.

Whether you’re talking about how to move a 1,000 lb gun safe or a 900 lb gun safe (like seen in the video above), the steps are the same. 

Think your move is too tricky because of tight corners or the weight of your safe? Contact our moving team. We can make it happen.

What to Look for When Hiring Someone to Move Your Safe

The best way to move your safe when you’re moving to a new home is to hire a professional gun safe delivery and installation team. You want to make sure the team you’re working with has:

Experience Installing & Moving Safes

A standard moving company is not likely to be familiar with how a safe is installed. Not are they typically equipped to maneuver something as heavy as a gun safe.

An experienced gun safe delivery team knows how to unbolt your safe from the floor without causing any damage to the surrounding area. Furthermore, they will know how to bolt it into place and level your safe at your future home.

The Ability to Transport Your Safe

Getting a 1,00-pound (or more) safe into the bed of a truck is no small feat — even a standard truck like a GMC Sierra. This is why a professional gun safe delivery and installation team uses specially designed professional vehicles to transport gun safes.

Our vehicles are equipped with a lift gate to safely move safes into and out of the truck. 

The Tools to Protect Your Floor

When it comes to protecting your floor, there are two main concerns: scratching the surface and putting too much stress in one place with excessive weight. We use a specially designed track system called ‘Slick Sticks.’ 

This allows us to evenly disperse the weight of your safe as we move it to your desired location. Additionally, the Slick Sticks protect your floors from being marred as the safe easily glides over the top of them. 

The Hardware to Take Your Safe Up & Down Stairs

Stairs and steep inclines are some of the trickiest terrains to navigate with a heavy item, like a gun safe. Our delivery team uses a specially designed “stair climber.” This allows us to hoist extremely heavy weights up steps one at a time.

We also take precautions to ensure your stairs aren’t damaged during the move, including covering your stairs and all doorways. 

Moving a safe up a flight of stairs

Where Can You Store Your Gun Safe When You’re Moving?

In the most convenient of worlds, you move out of your old house and into your new house on the same day. However, the world’s far from perfect. And sometimes you need to sell your home before you’ve purchased a new pad.

In cases such as this, it’s important to have a secure place to store your gun safe. NW Safe offers temporary gun safe storage in our warehouse. The following outlines the process:

  1. You contact our moving team to schedule a pick-up.
  2. We call you the day before your pick-up with a two-hour arrival window.
  3. You remove all items from your safe and ensure the pathway is completely clear to access your safe.
  4. Our moving team arrives removes your safe and transports it back to our Enumclaw warehouse.
  5. You then have the option of replacing your valuables in the safe. If you do so, the safe will then be wrapped with a large plastic seal and signed by you. 
  6. Your safe is then stored deep within our warehouse until you’re ready for our moving team to install it in your new home.

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