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Not Your Grandma's Jewelry Box. Picking the Best Jewelry Safe!


The classic jewelry box your grandma kept her pearls in is an easy target for a thief. High-end jewelry collections and precious items deserve a protective home worthy of their value, one that keeps them safe even in the event of a break-in. Custom-made, luxury jewelry safes offer an elegant way to keep rings, necklaces, watches and more organized and secure.

Washington Ranks Top 10 in Most Break-ins

A recent study by A Secure Life revealed that Washington is among the top 10 states with the most break-ins. In 2020, there were 41,638 reported burglaries.

The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs’ annual report revealed 41,638 reported burglaries in 2020. Even cities that have been historically safe have seen an uptick in crime. DuPont saw a 47% increase in car prowls and break-ins from October 2020 to October 2021.

burglar breaking into a home

More Burglars Attempting to Cut Into Safes

Our master safe technician has seen a substantial uptick in the number of service calls due to residential and commercial robberies. The increased persistence, skill, and organization of thieves as they attempt to cut into safes has led to extensive damage. 

Following a thief’s attempt, homeowners are often locked out of their safe. While the safe is typically damaged beyond repair, the good news is, high-quality safes have kept valuables safe.

High-Quality Safes Withstand Burglary Assault

Any break-in leaves can leave you feeling violated. The pure destruction that thieves often cause — breaking irreplaceable heirlooms, smashing walls, and destroying floors — can be gut-wrenching. But homeowners who invested in a high-quality safe can have peace of mind knowing their secured valuables aren’t so easy to get. 

These are two different accounts of safe’s that withstood tool assaults, ensuring the homeowner’s jewelry, guns, and important documents were not stollen:

  1. Superior Gun Safe Thwarts Burglars
  2. Liberty Safe Thwarts Robbery

13 Most Commonly Stolen Items During a Home Burglary

Not all of the 13 most commonly stolen items will fit in a jewelry safe, but most will. As you consider how big of a safe you need, take stock of how big your valuable collection is. 

  1. Cash. Cash is untraceable. It doesn’t need to be sold in order for a burglar to make a profit. It just is profit. And, it’s easy to carry. 
  2. Prescription Drugs. Prescription drugs also tend to be lightweight and small. They are incredibly easy to sell on the street for untraceable cash.
  3. Jewelry. Jewelry is another easy-to-carry item that can quickly be grabbed and slipped into a pocket or bag. Additionally, it’s relatively easy to sell stolen jewelry to stores that buy gold, silver, and precious stones. 
  4. Guns. Guns are one of the easiest items to sell on the street. 
  5. Electronics. While not as easy to carry due to their size, electronics like TVs and gaming consoles can be pretty easy to sell on the street.
  6. Computers and Cell Phones. Computers and cell phones are often targeted, but typically prove more difficult to sell because of password protection. 
  7. Personal Papers. Documents that contain personal information like your social security number, bank accounts, and birth certificate, can be used to steal your identity. 
  8. Alcohol. Alcohol tends to be a favorite for burglars. While they may occasionally try and sell more expensive booze and wine, generally it’s taken for personal consumption. 
  9. Designer Handbags & Clothing. These high-end personal items can be an attractive score for many burglars who may not be able to afford them legally. 
  10. Tools. Depending on the size of the tool, it can be easy to steal and can offer a fairly high profit. 
  11. Golfing Equipment. Though definitely cumbersome to carry out of a home, a set of nice golf clubs can earn a thief a nice chunk of change. 
  12. Household Appliances. While your InstaPot may not slip into a pocket or fetch a high price, it can be easy to sell, especially online. 
  13. Bikes. Bikes are one of the most cumbersome items for a thief to steal, but they tend to be one of the most profitable, as they sell quickly. High-end bike, in particular, like electric mountain bikes or carbon fiber road bikes, are hot ticket items. 

What’s the Difference Between a Jewelry Safe and a Gun Safe?

The short answer is — there is no difference between a jewelry safe and a gun safe. A gun safe is any safe in which you store a gun. 

That being said, gun safes typically come equipped with a gun rack to hold rifles and shotguns. Jewelry safes often feature built-in jewelry chests with fabric-lined jewelry drawers for organizing and protecting your jewelry collection. 

watch winders in a jewelry safe

What Are the Best Jewelry Safes?

The purpose behind every home safe is the same — to keep your valuables protected. But there are a variety of safes from which to choose. For instance, if you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you’ve likely seen a smaller wall safe hidden behind a bookcase of a painting. 

Hiding your safe can be an excellent way to add another layer of protection. However, wall safes tend to be small and easier to pry open than some of their bigger counterparts. 

Generally, the best jewelry safes feature:

  • 2 Hours of Fire Protection
  • U.L. Certified RSC Burglary Protection
  • Lined Jewelry Drawers
  • Interior Lighting
  • Dual Reinforced Door Frames to Protect Against a Pry Attack

Can I Customize My Jewelry Safe?

As with all things in life, when it comes to jewelry safes, you get what you pay for. A quick free-shipping Amazon jewelry safe may arrive in a day or two, but it likely doesn’t offer the same burglary ratings, fire ratings or customization options. 

To customize your jewelry safe, you’ll want to work with a custom jewelry safe maker. Not to toot our own horn, but we happen to be one. Our line of custom jewelry safes, Nautilus, comes in a wide range of sizes. The interiors can be built exactly to your specifications, featuring a wide range of storage accessories to suit your collection. 

Where Should I Install My Jewelry Safe?

Your jewelry safe can be installed anywhere you have enough floor real estate for both the safe and the door to swing open completely. We’ve installed jewelry safes in man caves, vault rooms, and home offices. 

Most individuals want to access their jewelry collection quickly and easily while they are getting dressed. So the most popular place to install a jewelry safe is in a bedroom or bedroom closet. 

To provide the highest level of protection, your jewelry safe should be professionally installed and bolted to the ground. This allows your safe to maintain proper air circulation, helping prevent moisture from accumulating in your safe. Furthermore, it prevents a burglar from tipping your safe on its side, which can make prying the doors open easier. 

How Quickly Can I Get a Jewelry Safe?

In addition to fully customizable jewelry safes, we have a selection of pre-built luxury jewelry safes that can be installed within weeks (if not days). 

Does buying an in-stock jewelry safe mean you can’t customize it at all? Definitely not. Even after a luxury jewelry safe has been built, there are still some options for customization, such as requesting different drawer configurations. 

However, one thing to keep in mind as you request changes from any jewelry safe retailer is the supply chain. Any changes that require purchasing new equipment or accessories could be subject to delay. 

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