Best US Built Large Gun Safe: The Collector by Liberty

Best US Built Large Gun Safe: The Collector by Liberty


If you have a large firearm collection and are looking for an American made safe that offers both security and fire protection, this gun safe is for you. The newest Liberty gun safe was made by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts. The Collector is Liberty’s largest capacity ‘large gun safe,’ featuring a flexible interior for maximum storage.  

72 Long Gun Capacity w/ Flexible Interior

The Collector’s spacious interior can hold up to 72 long guns, separated into three different compartments. Each compartment is fully adjustable, allowing the rifle cutouts to be moved up or down. These cutouts can also be replaced with side shelves, so you have the ability to adjust the safe’s storage to meet your needs. 

    Ultra-Wide Door

    What’s particularly unique about The Collector is the unusually wide door. Most wide gun safes are designed with an ultra-thick frame, allowing the manufacturers to create a sturdy frame without reinforcement. Liberty went to extreme lengths to reinforce the door’s frame, allowing the frame to be slimmer, giving you unparalleled access to the safe’s interior. 

    Wide Door Panel 

    Furthermore, the door features a factory-installed door panel, custom-designed for The Collector. The door panel features:

    • 12 handgun holsters 
    • 6 miscellaneous zipper pockets
    • 2 mesh pockets
    • 2 file storage pockets

    Best Value Large Gun Safe

    The Collector is constructed with Liberty’s two-piece steel body construction, a construction process that’s the closest a manufacturer can get to building a safe with a single piece of metal. This process is drastically different from other manufacturers that use a three-piece design. For you, fewer pieces means more pry resistance. 

    All pieces are welded with a mechanically guided welder, delivering better penetration of the steel and more consistency of the weld — for more reliable security. 

    Made with 11-gauge steel, the safe also features a reinforced door frame and Liberty’s patented Solid State™ locking system for even more pry resistance. This design utilizes ¼” solid state locking bars that extend from all four sides of the door into the frame.

    Weighing in at an impressive 1,140 pounds, The Collector isn’t a safe anyone would casually pick up and move (especially if it’s bolted down). At such a large weight, this gives you an even higher level of protection. 

    110 Minute Fire Rating

    If you’re looking for some serious fire protection, The Collector delivers. Rated for 110 minutes of Cool Box™ fire protection at 1200º F — this Liberty gun safe is intended to keep your firearms and valuables protected even when faced with extreme heat and smoke. 

    In addition to insulation, the door has Liberty’s expanding fire seal. This is a dual stage seal that utilizes a smoke seal on top of an expanding base seal. When the safe goes through a fire, the seal swells to fill the gap between the body and door to help keep smoke out and reduce water from getting into the safe when the fire is being put out. 

    Luxury Gun Safe Accessories

    The Collector comes with two luxury gun safe accessories that make this safe even easier to use: 

    • Liberty's Integrated Outlet Kit
    • LED Lights 

    UL Listed Locks

    You have two lock options with The Collector: 

    • Prologic Electronic Lock
    • Liberty Securam ScanLogic Biometric Lock (fingerprint lock)
    • Sargent and Greenleaf Mechanical Lock

    What’s the Next Step Up from The Collector?

    The Collector is a good option if you’re looking for large capacity storage and a solid amount of security. But if you’re looking for a gun safe with a heavier body and heavier door, the better option is Liberty’s Classic Extreme 60. While not as wide as The Collector, it features a slightly thicker body and door while still holding 72 long guns. 

    The best alternative to The Collector is American Security’s BFX7250. This heavy duty safe stores 42 long guns, plus one on the door and offers two hours of fire protection. The body mirrors The Collector’s 11 gauge steel, while the plate door is an impressive ⅜-inches thick.

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