What is a TL-30 Browning Gun Safe?

What is a TL-30 Browning Gun Safe?


The TL-30 Browning gun safe is one of the only commercially rated safes designed for gun owners. In short, the TL-30 Browning is a UL rated commercial grade safe with all the creature comforts of a traditional high-end gun safe. 



USA Made TL-30 Gun Safe

There are only a couple manufacturers that build a TL rated gun safe and even fewer who build them in the United States. Browning happens to be one of them. 

TL-30 stands for tool latency on the door. It is a rating assigned by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a third party testing agency that was founded in 1894. Today, UL has five commercial burglary ratings. These ratings indicate the safe’s security level (listed from least to most secure):

  • TL-15
  • TL-30
  • TL-30x6
  • TRTL-30x6
  • TRTL-60x6

The UL-30 rating indicates that this door can withstand a 30 minute tool attack on the door by some of the best safe crackers in the world. 

Keep in mind that this 30 minute rating can be deceiving. Prior to the test, engineers are given the blueprints of the safe and allowed to fully dissect the safe before the test begins. Additionally, if they stop at any point during the test (to get a sip of water, change a cutting blade or reassess their plan of attack) the time is paused. 

In reality, these tests often take hours to complete. 

Browning TL-30 Door Panel

What Makes a Commercial Safe Different from a Traditional Gun Safe?

The primary difference between a commercial safe and a traditional gun safe is the build quality. In the case of the TL-30 Browning, you’ll also get a plush interior, rather than the more utilitarian setup of most commercial safes (more to come on that).


Commercial safes feature much thicker materials. A traditional gun safe has a single layer of steel or sheet metal. This Browning TL-30 (and most commercial safes) and going to use multiple layers of steel, plus some type of hardened or poured insulation (such as concrete). 

The TL-30 by Browning has two layers of 11 gauge steel and 2.5 inches of high PSI aggregate concrete. This will keep out someone with serious cutting tools, unlike the traditional 12 gauge or 11 gauge gun safe. 

Fire Rating

The TL-30 boasts a 2-hour fire rating at 1,750 degrees. This is a very high fire rated safe, thanks in large part to the concrete insulation. Traditional gun safes typically use sheet rock to insulate their safe. The concrete here will help maintain a lower internal temp within the safe for a much longer period of time. 

High-End UL Listed Lock Options

The browning TL 30 comes with your choice of a Sargent GreenLeaf Electronic or Dial Lock. We can order it with either option or install it here in-house. 

Additionally, a lot of our customers opt for a little quicker access option, which is our premier choice for a high security biometric lock — the Securam Scanlogic. This is another lock that our master safe technician can install for you. 

Curious what lock is the best? We did a full review of the best gun safe locks.

High-Security Locking Bolts 

The door features seven 1-inch locking bolts and solid plate flange that fit into the body of the safe. This high end design will keep the door from being pried open. 

Glass Relocker

Located behind the locking mechanism is a glass relocker. This is a piece of tempered glass that can easily be cracked when someone tries to drill out the lock. When the glass is broken, it releases remote relockers into the mechanism, causing it to seize up. 

In the event that your relocker is broken, you can call our master gun safe technician to help you regain access to your safe. 

Browning TL-30 Shelving vs Commercial Safe Shelving

Plush Interior

Most commercial grade safes come standard with an all-shelf application. This utilitarian design makes a lot of sense in most commercial settings (such as in a jewelry store). Unfortunately, they aren't very useable for the average firearm owner or outdoor enthusiast. 

Browning’s TL-30 features it’s high-end interior, including:

Patented PDX Door System

  • Pistol Holders on the Top
  • Long Gun Storage on the Door WITH Scope Savers (This is awesome for hunting rifles or long range shooting rifles. You’re not going to bump your scope and end up having an issue with your optics at the range or in the field.)
  • Magnetic Pockets (Great for holding odds and ends.)

Browning’s Access Interior

  • Fully Adjustable Shelving
  • Steel Shelving with Rubber Coating (Prevent’s damage to your valuables)
  • Document Storea
  • Jewelry Drawer

TL-30 Browning Gun Safe FAQ

Are the external hinges a safety concern?

There is a miss-conception that you can just cut off the external door hinges and the door will fall off. But the door hinges are not what’s keeping the safe locked. It’s the locking bolts.Cutting the hinges off will not make it easier to access the safe. 

Where can I install the Browning TL-30?

The browning TL-30 weighs more than 3,000 pounds. Generally speaking, it will need to be installed on a concrete floor, such as in a ship, garage, basement or den with a concrete floor. In some instances, you may work with a contractor to do some custom work on a wood sub-floor so it can accommodate the weight.

Commercial Safe Tips

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The TL-30 Browning gun safe is one of the only commercially rated safes designed for gun owners. In short, the TL-30 Browning is a UL rated commercial grade safe with all the creature comforts of a traditional high-end gun safe.

Does My Business Need a Commercial Safe?

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