Top Small Vehicle Gun Safe

Top Small Vehicle Gun Safe


A vehicle gun safe offers a secure storage solution within a vehicle for hiding valuables and firearms. In SUVs and trucks, these safes are often integrated into the center console and labeled a center console gun safe or console safe. Because console safes are not designed for smaller cars, such as sedans and sports cars, small vehicle gun safes offer an alternative storage solution. 

Benefits of a Vehicle Gun Safe

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your firearms and valuables, particularly by small children.
  • Reduces the risk of a loose firearm discharging in the event of a collision.
  • Can offer relatively quick access to your firearm in the event it’s needed. 
Vaultek Barikade

Vehicle Gun Safes for Small Cars

Companies such as Lockerdown produce console vaults for a wide range of vehicles. Unfortunately, they don’t have one for every single car model, nor do they make console vaults for small vehicles. Luckily, there’s a diverse array of options for securely storing your firearm and valuables in a small vehicle gun safe. 

Many of these alternative vehicle gun safes can be fastened to the vehicle's floor beneath a seat or attached to a seat using a robust steel security cable.

Small Vehicle Safe FAQ

Truck safe for a long barrel gun

Are There Vehicle Safes for Rifles or Shotguns?

Certain manufacturers design vehicle safes spacious enough to fit rifles or shotguns, allowing for installation beneath the back seat or in the rear of the vehicle. The following are our go-to options. Depending on the size of your small vehicle, they may or may not fit in your trunk:

Are Small Vehicle Gun Safes Portable?

In some instances. Some of the gun safes recommended for small vehicles in this post are secured using a cable. These safes are definitely portable and can be easily removed from a car. However, some of the safes (like the Vaultek Slider) need to be mounted to a permanent surface. These small safes must be opened in order to be removed from the vehicle. 

Are Car Gun Safes Worth It?

We’re undoubtedly biased, but we believe a vehicle safe is a good investment. Not only do we believe in protecting your valuables, but a vehicle safe can help prevent your firearm from falling into the wrong hands. 

Opening a Booby-Trapped Safe

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