Best Pistol Range Case: LifePod XT Overview

Best Pistol Range Case: LifePod XT Overview


The largest in Vaultek’s LifePod series, the LifePod XT is the largest biometric weatherproof pistol range case. Big enough to store multiple firearms, ammunition, and accessories — it makes the ideal range day storage solution for everyone from the casual shooter to the avid range enthusiast. 

General Features of a LifePod XT

Biometric Lock

The high-resolution fingerprint scanner provides easy, quick access to your gear. It can store up to 20 fingerprints. And, it can be submerged in water without failing. 

Weather Resistant

Don’t worry about the elements. The LifePod XT weather resistant case will give your gear a comfortable home in rain, sleet or snow. 

Dust Proof

Dusty range days can do a number on your gear and lead to extra time spent cleaning your firearms. The dust-proof LifePod XT means you don’t have to worry about your extra gear getting dirty when it’s not in use. 

Air Tight

Exploring on the river? Get caught in a sudden downpour? The LifePod XT is airtight, helping to keep your gear dry and ready to roll. 

Rugged Handle

The reinforced handle features a steel core to make sure it keeps up with you on all your adventures. The handle also folds, to create a uniform shape for enhanced storage while you travel or between adventures. 

fully loaded lifepod xt

Five LifePod XT Models

The popular LifePod XT design comes in five different models:

  • LifePod XT1i - Features a Pluck Foam Interior for versatile storage configurations.
  • LifePod XT2i Enthusiast Model - Includes modular storage options (pistol racks and mag racks).
  • LifePod XT3i Tactical Model - A super rugged design features a Molle Board Panel and modular storage options (pistol racks, mag rack, and tray with pluck foam).
  • LifePod XTSi Special Edition - Features a Dual Layer Water Repellent Hard Shell Case. A reinforced interior lid organizer includes zip mesh pockets. A removable multi-purpose tray makes for two layers of storage. Plus, it includes pistol racks, a pistol magazine holder, a 48-inch steel security cable, and two backup keys. 
  • LifePod XTSi-CN Colion Noir Edition - The swankiest of the LifePod XT options, it offers all the same perks of the Special Edition in a signature Colion Noir Camo dual layer exterior shell. 
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Pistol Range Case FAQ

How Do You Pick the Best Pistol Range Case?

When searching for the best pistol range case, you want to look at:

  • Build Quality - Is the pistol case made with high-quality materials?
  • Weather Resistance - Can the pistol case keep your firearms and valuables dry in the rain?
  • Ease of Use - How easy is it to open the pistol range case?

Does Your Range Case Have to Have Hard Sides?

No. Any bag could be utilized as a range bag, if needed. But a hard-sided pistol range case is typically preferred, as it offers a higher level of protection to your firearms and valuables. 

How Many Firearms Should Your Range Case Hold?

This is another very personal question. It really depends on how many firearms you want to carry to the range. The more firearms you want to safely and easily carry, the more storage capacity is preferred. Generally speaking, our staff likes to take multiple options to the range, so we want a case that can hold multiple firearms. 

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