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Save $725
Colonial 50 United We StandColonial 50 United We Stand
Save $3,199
Superior Master 75Superior Master 75
Save $600
Magnum 40 - Northwest SafeMagnum 40 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Magnum 40
From $8,499 $9,099
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Save $620
Rhino RSB7256EXRhino RSB7256EX
NF5924E5 - Northwest SafeNF5924E5 - Northwest Safe
Save $800
Fatboy Jr Extreme - Limited Edition
Save $1,300
Fatboy Extreme - Limited EditionFatboy Extreme - Limited Edition
RS500i - Northwest SafeRS500i - Northwest Safe
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Save $600
Magnum 50 - Northwest SafeMagnum 50 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Magnum 50
From $9,599 $10,199
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RS800i - Northwest SafeRS800i - Northwest Safe
Save $600
Presidential 50 - Northwest SafePresidential 50 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Presidential 50
From $9,499 $10,099
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Save $5,603
RF582820X6 TL30x6 Gun Safe - Northwest SafeRF582820X6 TL30x6 Gun Safe - Northwest Safe
Save $800.99
STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR32STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR32
Save $970
1878 - 331878 - 33
Browning 1878 - 33
From $3,699 $4,669
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Ironworks AIW6042X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW6042X - Northwest Safe
Save $7,392
RF703620X6 TL30x6 Gun Safe - Northwest SafeRF703620X6 TL30x6 Gun Safe - Northwest Safe
Save $500
STEALTH UL Gun Safe - UL23STEALTH UL Gun Safe - UL23
Save $300
Save $800
Lincoln 40 United We StandLincoln 40 United We Stand
Rhino RSB6636EXRhino RSB6636EX
Ironworks AIW7242X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW7242X - Northwest Safe
Ironworks AIW6033X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW6033X - Northwest Safe
Save $500
Magnum 25 - Northwest SafeMagnum 25 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Magnum 25
From $6,999 $7,499
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Save $500
Presidential 25 - Northwest SafePresidential 25 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Presidential 25
From $6,999 $7,499
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Save $800
STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR23STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR23
Save $3,458.75
BFII7240 - Northwest SafeBFII7240
American Security BFII7240
$10,811.25 $14,270
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Save $200
Rhino RSB6030EXRhino RSB6030EX
Save $500
USA 50 - Limited EditionUSA 50 - Limited Edition
Rhino CX6636Rhino CX6636
Rhino RBX6036Rhino RBX6036
Save $800
STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR50STEALTH Premier Gun Safe - PR50
Save $500
STEALTH UL Gun Safe - UL50STEALTH UL Gun Safe - UL50
Save $2,739.01
Pinnacle 49TPinnacle 49T
Browning Pinnacle 49T
From $10,429.99 $13,169
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1878 - 49T1878 - 49T
Browning 1878 - 49T
From $6,099
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Save $800
Lincoln 50 United We StandLincoln 50 United We Stand
Rhino RSB6040EXRhino RSB6040EX
Save $210
Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5928Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5928
Save $600
Presidential 40 - Northwest SafePresidential 40 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Presidential 40
From $8,499 $9,099
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Rhino RBX6028Rhino RBX6028
Rhino Metals A6033XRhino Metals A6033X
Save $1,165
Hunter Series 49THunter Series 49T
Browning Hunter Series 49T
From $3,495 $4,660
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1878 - 65T1878 - 65T
Browning 1878 - 65T
From $7,529
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1878 - 651878 - 65
Browning 1878 - 65
From $6,479
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Save $590
Hell's Canyon 49Hell's Canyon 49
Browning Hell's Canyon 49
From $3,799 $4,389
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Save $300
Lincoln 25 - United We StandLincoln 25 - United We Stand
Rhino RSB7242EXRhino RSB7242EX
Save $500
Classic Plus 50 - Northwest SafeClassic Plus 50 - Northwest Safe
Liberty Safe Classic Plus 50
From $8,499 $8,999
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Top Rated Gun Safe & Vault Store in the Seattle-Tacoma Area
Conveniently located in Enumclaw, Washington, NW Safe carries the largest selection of in-stock and ready-to-deliver gun safes in the state. We offer full-service professional delivery and installation in all of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.

Whether you’re looking for a gun safe in Tacoma or a gun safe in Bellevue, our non-descript delivery crew is available to help.

How Big of a Gun Safe Do I Need for My Tacoma Home?
The number one regret we hear from customers is they wish they’d bought a bigger safe. Buying a safe the perfectly fits your current collection of firearms, ammunition, and valuables does not give you any room to grow. If you think you’ll acquire any additional items you wish to protect, we recommend buying at least one size up.

Learn more about how to select the right size gun safe.

What Condo Gun Safe is Best for a Seattle Apartment?
Apartment and condo gun safes tend to be a little smaller and more discrete. For many customers living in the city, a most portable gun safe is often a good bet. Quick and efficient options like a Vaultek LifePod, allow gun owners to have easy access to their handguns.

However, for those living in the city with a long gun, a slimmer shoot gun and rifle safe, like the Vaultek RS500i, doesn’t weigh as much or take up as much floor real estate.

Learn more about how to select the right apartment gun safe.

I Live in JBLM. Do You Deliver Gun Safes There?
We certainly do! We work with customers in JBLM and Federal Way. We install gun safes in Port Orchard, Ocean Shores, and Bellingham. We deliver and install safes in Wenatchee, Yakima, and Moses Lake. No place is too remote.

Should I Get a Fireproof Safe?
The first thing to know about a ‘fireproof safe’ is that they don’t exist. Do some safe and vault stores talk about a safe being ‘fireproof’? Yes. But no safe can withstand a fire indefinitely.

If you’re interested in fire protection, what you want to pay attention to is the fire rating and how reliable that fire rating is. American companies, such as Liberty Safes and American Security (AMSEC safes), provide extreme transparency into their testing and rating procedures.

Get our complete guide to fire-resistant safes and fire safety.