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Kodiak KSB7136EX-SO - Northwest SafeKodiak KSB7136EX-SO - Northwest Safe
Longhorn LSB1818 - Northwest SafeLonghorn LSB1818 - Northwest Safe
Longhorn LNS2618 - Northwest SafeLonghorn LNS2618 - Northwest Safe
Kodiak KSB5940EX-SO - Northwest SafeKodiak KSB5940EX-SO - Northwest Safe
Rhino RBF6036ECSRhino RBF6036ECS
Kodiak KSB3020E - Northwest SafeKodiak KSB3020E - Northwest Safe
Longhorn LSB1014 - Northwest SafeLonghorn LSB1014 - Northwest Safe
Save $620
Rhino RSB7256EXRhino RSB7256EX
Ironworks AIW6042X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW6042X - Northwest Safe
Save $230
Ironworks IWSC5521Ironworks IWSC5521
Rhino RSB6636EXRhino RSB6636EX
Swing Out Gun Rack System - 6 Gun SOR6 - Northwest SafeSwing Out Gun Rack System - 6 Gun SOR6 - Northwest Safe
Longhorn LSB2418 - Northwest SafeLonghorn LSB2418 - Northwest Safe
Ironworks AIW7242X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW7242X - Northwest Safe
Ironworks AIW6033X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW6033X - Northwest Safe
In-Swing Vault Door | IWVD - Northwest SafeIn-Swing Vault Door | IWVD - Northwest Safe
Rhino RSB6030EXRhino RSB6030EX
Rhino RSB3022ERhino RSB3022E
Rhino CX6636Rhino CX6636
Rhino RBX6036Rhino RBX6036
Rhino RSB6040EXRhino RSB6040EX
Save $210
Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5928Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5928
Rhino RBX6028Rhino RBX6028
Rhino Metals A6033XRhino Metals A6033X
Swing Out Gun Rack System - 13 Gun SOR13 - Northwest SafeSwing Out Gun Rack System - 13 Gun SOR13 - Northwest Safe
Out-Swing Vault Door | IWVD - Northwest SafeOut-Swing Vault Door | IWVD - Northwest Safe
Rhino RSB7242EXRhino RSB7242EX
Save $320
Rhino Metals CD3022 Home SafeRhino Metals CD3022 Home Safe
Rhino RSX7241Rhino RSX7241
Rhino RSX6636Rhino RSX6636
Rhino RSX6030Rhino RSX6030
In-Swing Vault Door | GL - Northwest SafeIn-Swing Vault Door | GL - Northwest Safe
Out-Swing Vault Door | GL - Northwest SafeOut-Swing Vault Door | GL - Northwest Safe
Ironworks AIW7256X - Northwest SafeIronworks AIW7256X - Northwest Safe
Save $721
Rhino Ironworks Thunderbolt IWT 7242XRhino Ironworks Thunderbolt IWT 7242X
Rhino CX7253GLRhino CX7253GL
Rhino CX7253Rhino CX7253
Rhino CX7241GLRhino CX7241GL
Rhino CX7241Rhino CX7241
Rhino CX6636GLRhino CX6636GL
Rhino CX6030GLRhino CX6030GL
Rhino RBFX6028Rhino RBFX6028
Rhino RBX6033Rhino RBX6033
Rhino RBFX6033Rhino RBFX6033
Rhino RBFX6036Rhino RBFX6036
Rhino CX6030Rhino CX6030
Rhino RSX7253Rhino RSX7253

Rhino Gun Safes Feature Cutting-Edge Security Designs

The design team at Rhino Metals isn’t just made up of lab techs. It’s comprised of ladies and gents who own and use gun safes. These are folks who are intimately familiar with the best and most frustrating features of gun safe designs. It’s this kind of insight that’s allowed them to develop cutting-edge features — like a patented swing out door rack — and security designs — like their new patented SafeX™ Security System.

Rhino Safes are Made in America

Veteran-owned, Rhino Metals was founded in 1995 by United States fighter pilot Don Suggs. Mr. Sugg was (and is) passionate about metal fabricating. When Mr. Sugg’s father was dissatisfied with the price-point and security of gun safes for sale at local sporting supply shops, the former military man set out to rectify the situation. The goal was to develop new, tougher designs and provide them at a more affordable price. That’s exactly what Mr. Suggs did.

Home-based in Caldwell, Idaho, Rhino Metals produces high-quality American-made gun safes. Since the company was founded, it has continued to set new industry standards for quality, value, and customer service.

Named After an F-4 Fighter Jet

While serving, Mr. Suggs flew the McDonnell Douglas F-4 — a long-range, supersonic fighter bomber. Thanks to the jet’s long nose and extreme toughness, it was affectionally known as the “rhino” among those who flew her. Mr. Suggs paid homage to both the plane he loved and the commitment to excellence he gained flying in the US Airforce.