TL-30 Commercial Safes

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RF703620X6 TL30x6 Gun SafeRF703620X6 TL30x6 Gun Safe
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AmVault TL-30AmVault TL-30
American Security AmVault TL-30
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RF6528 TL30 Gun SafeRF6528 TL30 Gun Safe
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American Security ACF4824DS
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High-Security TL-30 Commercial Safes

Commercial safe ratings are awarded by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an impartial third-party rating agency that tests the security of safes. TL stands for “Tool Latency,” a label that indicates how long a safe withstood a tool attack.

In order for access to be achieved, the tester must make a six-inch hole through the safe’s door using any number of standard hand tools. The length of time does not include any time spent changing tools or changing drill bits.

The best TL-30 safes are made in America by AMSEC (also known as American Security). These safes have a 2-hour fire rating and are available in several sizes and configurations, including a double-door depository safe that can help simplify cash management.