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Top Rated TRTL-60x6 Commercial Safes

Need the highest level of protection for your valuables and assets? TRTL-60x6 safes are built to withstand 60 minutes of assault from both tools and torches.

Testing for these ratings is conducted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a highly respected and impartial rating agency that tests safes in real-life settings. The entry point for a UL rated commercial safe is a TL-15, indicating that the safe’s door has a “Tool Latency” of 15 minutes. In that amount of time, a thief could create a six-inch opening into the safe’s interior using hand tools.

The TL-15 rating does not cover the other five sides of the safe or an assault by torch. TRTL-60x6 commercial safes have been UL tested. This includes assault by tools (such as hammers and drills), torches, and physical manipulation (such as throwing the safe down a flight of stairs).

UL ratings are utilized by insurance companies to determine your level of liability. With commercial burglaries on the rise, the highest level of protection provides peace of mind and better coverage.