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Lifepod 2.0 Special Edition - Northwest SafeLifepod 2.0 Special Edition - Northwest Safe
#color_stealth blackSE20 - Northwest Safe
Vaultek SE20
Lifepod - Northwest SafeLifepod - Northwest Safe
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Lifepod Special Edition - Northwest SafeLifepod Special Edition - Northwest Safe
Lifepod Colion Noir Edition - Northwest Safe
Lifepod Limited Edition - Northwest Safe
Pro-VTi - Northwest SafePro-VTi - Northwest Safe
PRO-VE - Northwest SafePRO-VE
Vaultek PRO-VE
Pro-VT - Northwest SafePro-VT - Northwest Safe
Vaultek Pro-VT
VT10i - Northwest SafeVT10i - Northwest Safe
Vaultek VS10i
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VE10 - Northwest SafeVE10 - Northwest Safe
Vaultek VE10
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NSL20i - Northwest SafeNSL20i
Vaultek NSL20i
NMXi - Northwest SafeNMXi
Vaultek NMXi
MXi - Northwest SafeMXi
Vaultek MXi
MX - Northwest Safe
Vaultek MX
MXE - Northwest SafeMXE
Vaultek MXE
RS500i - Northwest SafeRS500i - Northwest Safe
Vaultek RS500i
RS200i - Northwest SafeRS200i - Northwest Safe
Vaultek RS200i
NMX - Northwest SafeNMX
Vaultek NMX
SL20 - Northwest SafeSL20
Vaultek SL20
NSL20 - Northwest SafeNSL20
Vaultek NSL20
AR Accessory Bundle - Northwest Safe
Pistol Accessory Bundle - Northwest Safe
Rifle Accessory Bundle - Northwest Safe
RS500i Front Door Accessory Mount - Northwest Safe
RS200i Front Door Accessory Mount - Northwest Safe
AR Door Mount - Northwest Safe
Barrel Mount Extension - Northwest Safe
Barrel Mount - Northwest Safe
Handgun Magazine Rack - Northwest Safe
RS500i Base Plate - Northwest Safe
Twin Pistol/AR Magazine Rack A - Northwest Safe
Twin Pistol/AR Magazine Rack B (for front door) - Northwest Safe
Universal LED Light - Northwest Safe
RS500i EDC Shelf 75% - Northwest Safe
RS200i EDC Shelf - Northwest Safe
Three Pistol/AR Magazine Rack - Northwest Safe
Twin Magazine Rack - Northwest Safe
Single Pistol Rack - Northwest Safe
Spring Loaded AR Mount - Northwest Safe
Single Pistol Rack Universal - Northwest Safe
TPR 2 - Northwest Safe
Vaultek TPR 2
MR 8 - Northwest Safe
Vaultek MR 8
Universal Car Mount - Northwest Safe
Car Rail Mount - Northwest Safe
Slider Mounting Plate - Northwest Safe
Vt Mounting Plate - Northwest Safe
LifePod SlingBag - Northwest SafeLifePod SlingBag - Northwest Safe

Why Choose Vaultek?

Vaultek safes and handgun vaults offer both security and ease-of-use. Designed with innovative technology, these safes are both stylish and functional.

The popular, ultra-portable LifePod features a built-in locking system with a single anti-impact latch. This makes it more secure than many portable handgun safes. In addition to being water-resistant and impact-resistant, the most attractive feature of these pistol safes is the Smart Safe Technology, which uses the Vaultek Bluetooth App to connect to your phone.

But portable gun safes aren’t Vaultek’s only product. They create a wide range of security options for handguns and long guns.

Among the top Vaultek products is the ultra-chic SE20. This quick access firearm safe holds a single gun, ready to be extracted at a moment’s notice. It can be easily and discreetly mounted on a nightstand, desk or bookshelf, it’s outfitted with a 5-digit keypad.