Vault Doors & Custom Vault Rooms

Discover the best vault doors in the industry and get help with the design, construction and completion of your custom vault room or panic room

Vault Doors Built to Last

Our collection of American-made vault doors provides security and protection from theft, fire, and personal assault. When choosing a door for your custom walk-in safe or personal panic room, it’s important to consider how thick the door is and how much it weighs.

Some vault doors weigh just 300 or 400 pounds. Constructed from lightweight materials and missing key reinforcements, these cheaper doors are more susceptible to prying, cutting and ramming.

The lightest weight vault door for sale at NW Safe range from 600-700 pounds, with options as heavy as 3,000. These sturdier vault and panic room doors give you an added level of security. The locking bolts are another level of consideration. You always want the bolts on your vault door to extend into the door and the vault wall.

Furthermore, you want to pay close attention to the door’s hinges. For your protection, you always want your vault door to open inward. This is particularly important if your vault room will serve as a panic room.

Vault Room Construction

Walk-in gun rooms and safe rooms can be constructed in a variety of ways with many different materials. The most common application is to pour concrete walls with a reinforced steel grid inside the concrete.

Eight-inch walls are a typical thickness however you can pour thinner or thicker walls depending on what level of security and fire protection you want to achieve. We also offer modular concrete and steel panels that can be bolted and welded together for your security solution.

As a budget alternative, some vault room designs will be constructed with layers of steel and fireboard. This application is popular for those who want an affordable security solution to create a safe or vault room out of an existing room or closet. If constructed properly, this solution can provide more cutting protection than most gun safes.

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Vault Room Design

The interior of your vault and safe room can be customized to your specific wants and needs. Firearm storage can be achieved in multiple fashions. From grid-wall systems to traditional gun libraries, we can help you maximize your space and showcase your prized possessions.

We can also work with you to create custom cabinets, glass display cases, and electrical layouts. Do you have a unique need for your room? We can do that too. With three decades of experience creating custom vault rooms, we’ve helped customers do everything from create a living refugee to design a private gun gallery.

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